Why the George Stinney Jr. case is an important signal for change in America

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George Stinney Jr. just prior to his execution.
George Stinney Jr. just prior to his execution.

By Greg Greer, Editor at Large, One world Journal


Hello, as one of the lead advocates, I (Gregg Greer) on the eve on one of the most important offensives in Human Rights History-Why? Because sadly, many people today gain their knowledge through T.V., movies, and the internet. But “Truth,” has been replaced with indoctrination. The result is a largely ignorant (unaware) public who then takes as gospel by what they see on the TV screen. There are those who know most people will never crack open a history text or read a biography, but they do know that people will take to heart the lies (untruth) fed to them, and yet they seek to hide our past.

George Stinney Rally. December 10, 2013 Manning, SC
George Stinney Rally. December 10, 2013 Manning, SC

This reworking of American history has been on going for decades. Many now know, and believe that the American Founding Fathers were not truly pure in their intentions. The sad tragic truth is with our history we have an American Government that portrays itself as a “Justice,” conductor but many only know of a Dark America that conspired to hide many documented cases of a goverment that widely oppressed those not in power. Even, to date government sanctioned violence against African-Americans and other minorities in the United States is readily common. So,what do we do about the research that has revealed thousands of lynching’s, including 150 documented cases of African-American women lynched in early America (Four of them were known to have been pregnant.) including the example brutal murder of Laura Nelson and her son, which was publicity condoned. (below, right)

Laura Nelson Murder.
Laura Nelson Murder.

Over the past few months-I heard horrible tales, from various sources of mass southern graves, of blacks murdered and made to dig their graves in public executions (sponsored) by Lawmen (police) officials who doubled as Ku Klux Klan, by night. 

Most people think that they know the truth. You can show them facts and figures, but that makes no impact on their reasoning. While, Hollywood works overtime (probably with union breaks) to make a strong legecy of  Presidents who were really weak in the eyes of the public and make the freedom fighters, look like Anti American Terrorist.

The George Stinney Case Jr. and the Scottsboro  Boys Case are all major examples of a publicly sanctioned and condoned injustice instituted by an insensitive cold America that allowed this type of behavior to exist unjustly for many years.

America’s past has an evil absolution that has no consequence at all  for change with the inauguration of  the President Obama Administration. However, America and the American public must “Break the Grip of Shame,” and acknowledge its role in loss of innocent life. I along with many believe America is truly a “Great,” County, but we (Americans) must be interested in telling truth and not distorting history to suit our own ends.


I must say I believe in America, but we must not hide the past, but apologize for the past, and work toward a progressive future. As we enter into a “new world,” a new day and age, we hope for an America in which all American Citizens can welcome positive change of freedom and justice for all. GLG


Greer is a member of the SCLC-Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Chair of the Guilty in Innocence Project spent 2 years in research of the case. We hope to write a final chapter in this case.  I’ve told my team that ultimately it must be our goal to protect human rights worldwide. As we enter into a new world a new day and age, we must look for change, too much pain, too many lives lost we must dedicate our lives to this cause..

                            You can reach Greer at .one1worldtoday@gmail.com

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