Prosecutor McCulloch’s Grand Jury verdict was a Public Mockery-Civil Rights Groups being assembled in a all out War against Police Brutality-Feds must step in.

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One World By Gregg L Greer, Editor for One World

A Clarion Call has been issued for Civil Rights Groups across the USA
A Clarion Call has been issued for Civil Rights Groups across the USA

The Clarion Campaign begins on December 10, 2014 World Human Rights Day with coordinated marches and sit-ins against, injustice and our War Waged against Police Brutality, in Several Cities around the country including Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Ferguson, . The non-violent campaigns will be coordinated by  Freedom First international, Activist Dr. Cornell West, various members of Southern Christian Leadership Conference members, National Bar Association members and a growing host of civil rights organizations.  



Within the structure, our  of  our” Clarion Call to Unity.” -We have all agreed that while social injustices exist the battle against injustice should be lead with legal means in the courts, our effort is to prevent further collateral  damage to communities and citizens and not in the streets with riots. With this in mind we have decided to highlight the following items:

 Nov 10, 2014 St. Louis Prosecutor Robert McCulloch issued “his”  judgment while handling of the grand jury investigation into the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which resulted in Brown’s shooter, Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson, not being indicted. Documents released after the grand jury announcement are also under scrutiny over the actions officials took at the crime scene.

 •The investigator from the medical examiner’s office did not take measurements or photographs at the scene.

• A “natural conflict of interest” presented itself when this district attorney was asked to prosecute a member of a law enforcement agency they regularly depend on to investigate and testify for their other criminal investigations. More Specifically someone whose father was a Caucasian cop killed on the job by an African-American severely impairs his ability to remain neutral. (If this prosecutor was on a jury selection as juror-he very well may have been dismissed).

•Wilson was allowed to go unescorted to the station and put his weapon in an evidence bag and his initial descriptions of the incident at no point were not recorded on tape.

•Furthermore, jurors were also told about the criminal history of Dorian Johnson — Brown’s friend who was with him during the robbery and the shooting — and discrepancies among his and other witness accounts were highlighted for them, but did not question any of Wilson’s testimony, thus prompting jurors to take the officer’s account at face value while introducing doubt about what the witnesses said they heard or saw.

 •The fact that Wilson also chose to testify, and Brown’s attorneys were not allowed to participate in the proceedings.

•In effect, McCulloch ” allowed Darren Wilson to sit in and give testimony, ” But there was no one there to give Michael Brown’s side of the story.”

While Concerns over how police misconduct allegations are handled have existed long before this particular case. Officially leaders of the campaign  do not recognize the ruling as legitimate.  This coalition is obligated to issue a vote of no confidence-case in point we neither have faith in the ability of Robert McCulloch’s  as a public official and furthermore we suggest that the inquiry from start to finish was a pure mockery of justice  we would hope that resign his post. In the meantime, Our public campaign would continue.
In Addition to the Strategic National Economic Boycotts we would ask, the President and Justice Department (Federal Government) to step in on a motion for a new trial, based on the multiple procedural  failures of the Grand Jury.

Chicago Meeting

Freedom First

On Wednesday, December 3, 2014 The Freedom First International (SCLC) Leadership, in partnership with the War on Police Brutality will be holding a press conference inside of City Hall to promote the campaign for organizing Chicago, Ferguson, and our World Human Rights Day December 10, 2014 roll out. We will discuss the plan for organizing the Chicago Area, as well as our coalition building strategy. We are asking any available area members to join in solidarity by attending the press conference and showing your support for the roll out.
The press conference will be held at 9:30 a.m. inside of City Hall on the 2nd Floor.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there! 


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