Star Witness for Brown Case Prosecutor-A liar and Fraud

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One World By Gregg L Greer, Editor for One World

Sandy McElroy and Bob McCollouch
Sandy McElroy and Bob McCollouch

So apparently the only witness, witness #40, who testified that Mike Brown charged Darren Wilson and beat Wilson, and the only witness Bob McCulloch determined to be credible fabricated her entire story. In a report by the Smoking Gun they identify witness #40 as 45-year-old St. Louis resident Sandra McElroy who was nowhere near Canfield Drive on the Saturday afternoon Brown was shot to death.

The #FBI had already determined she was not credible and could not have been in the area, but prosecutors still used her testimony to help out Darren Wilson. In addition to her fabrication in the Mike Brown case she has also inserted herself in other high-profile St. Louis cases and was found to be lying. She also has a long history of making vicious racist remarks online and offline including many racist remarks made on social media following Mike Brown’s death.

She waited four weeks to come forward as a witness, after Wilson’s outline of his account were made public, and made many comments on Facebook that proved she had no idea what transpired on Canfield Drive that day. She has a criminal history, is bi-polar, and suffered an injury from a car accident that affects her memory. So a confirmed liar that is known to insert herself into cases and fabricate testimony, is a vile racist, has a criminal history, was determined to not be credible by the FBI, wasn’t even at the scene of the Brown killing, and is the only witness to corroborate Wilson’s story was the prosecutions star witness. All by itself the inclusion of Sandy McElroy as a witness before the grand jury is grounds for a new grand jury. Her testimony possibly has done irreparable damage to the case.


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