We Rise above Bullets! Combating Chicago Violence

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7 year old Amari Brown who was gunned down in Chicago on July 4, 2015
             7-year-old Amari Brown who was gunned down in Chicago on July 4, 2015
One World By Gregg L Greer, Editor for One World

Two days ago I stood and prayed with the family of 7-year-old Amari Brown (pictured, above) who was killed by a cowardly act of aggression, that just hours before snuffed out this innocent child’s life.

When any city has eight killings in two days, including the death of a 7-year-old Amari Brown, something is seriously wrong with the system. As a long-term community advocate, and Civil Rights leader who oversees many of America’s most difficult civil rights cases, Including Tamir Rice, and others-I must say regretfully I’ve seen this many times before and I will not stand by and allow children to die!


Pastor Ira Acree, and I Rev. Gregg L Greer giving consoling grief for 7-year-old Amari Browns Family. On July 5, 2015-Outside of the family’s Chicago home.

While Gun violence affects society in many ways, including higher medical costs, reductions in quality of life because of fear of gun violence and stresses on the criminal justice system. The United States has the highest rate of gun-related injuries among developed countries, as well as the highest rate of gun ownership. Psychologists and other public health scientists are working to develop effective methods to reduce gun violence, but political opposition has created barriers to government support for  research.


The System Failed!

I agree with the calls to relieve Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy
Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy

The system failed Amari, the Chicago Police Chief McCarthy said. but like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Tamir Rice all were not victims of their seemingly racist killers alone. They were  victims of the lopsided school systems that failed them. They where victims of a police force that overwhelmingly assumes first that most young black men are criminals followed by fear of them. They are a victims of bad legislation, like the Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, that gives anyone the unfettered right to kill if they feel threatened in any way. The victimization extends to calls to relieve Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy of his duties, His tactics haven’t been the miracle cure for the city’s violence at all.

They are victims of a certain Moral blindnessWhich means every single black person in the eyes of a racist  is the sign of a terrible crime from their ugly past, a reminder that their life is a fraud, that they need to simply own up to their past and make it right. Instead of denying, shifting blame, or to lie, twisting the facts and make black people into these creatures that they look down on, laugh at and yet, oddly, fear. It is a failed attempt to be at “peace,” with themselves.

We Also Failed!

They are victims of us because we need more love in our communities! We need to love and accept our children unconditionally. Regardless of our child’s age, we have to instill feelings of acceptance and self-worth. Teach our children, by how you treat them, that they  are valuable and worthy of love. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with every choice or interest of your child.


Over the next few weeks Freedom First International in partnership with the Guilty in Innocence Project other community groups-will begin serious conversations and initiatives around Chicago and Northwest Indiana on how to “stop the gun violence in Chicagoland” Please advise via inbox or comments section if you like to join this dialog or facilitate. The initiative is called-We Rise above Bullets! “Put the guns down Chicago.”


We must give a notice letter to the provocateurs in our society that clearly states the current state of affairs is not acceptable, and we won’t let you or anyone else destroy us and our future without a fight! Join us! Because it has to end today!

We are asking every Man, woman, child, who can to join us in our ongoing fight against Violence in Chicago, and abroad. Join our group today! by clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/weriseFreedomfirst/info?tab=page_info or you may go to http://www.greggglreer.com, http://freedomfirstinternational.net/about/  or email one1worldtoday@gmail.com for more details.

 “Peace and Love.” Reverend Gregg L. Greer


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