For Immediate Release:Tamir Rice Family along with National/Local Activist organize Town Hall “Come Together Right Now.”

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*******For Immediate Release*******

Tamir Rice Family along with National/Local Activist organize Town Hall “Come Together Right Now.”


On Saturday July 25, 2015  at 7:00PM-TheTamir Rice Justice Foundation and our Community Justice partners will conduct a Town Hall Meeting calling for the local community to “come togetherright now,” as they seek to educate the community about the issues of crime, community violence, and criminal justice system reform. Attending this special meeting will be many VIP’sand also local and national Civil Rights Leadership. One important goal for discussion is to address the political nature of Racial and Ethnic Justice. We (coalition) want to consider ourselves the conscience of the community when it comes to focusing on social justice issues effecting the too often voiceless and vulnerable among us. The event will be he ld at the True Light Church 1799E55th Cleveland, OH

Expected Panelist and Luminaries for this conversation:

Oscar Grant (Family)  Cephus Johnson, Beatrice Keeton / Love not Blood Campaign

* Tamir Rice (Family)-Samaria Rice, Latonya Goldsby,

Generation Progress (Joe Biden Organization) Camiella D. Williams and Ronnie MosleyWashington DC

Freedom First International/Southern Christian Leadership Conference Member- Rev. Gregg L Greer- /

Dr. Derrick Pledger is founder and CEO of Advanced Concepts in Personal Development, Ltd-
Pastor Robert Aitken-True Light Church
Pastor Jimmie Gates-Zion Hill Baptist Church
 and More To be announced!
Our commitment to raising our generation’s voices has never been stronger. As we move forward, our campaigns will be must within three progressive areas: Economic Justice, Human and Civil Rights, and Democracy.

Recent initiatives to address
◾Recent Cases Demand Justice Tamir Rice, Brelo, ect
◾Police Reform and Protection
◾Community Violence
◾Perceptions of People of Color and others of the Legal System
◾Crisis in Communities of Color
◾Restoring Justice and Equity During -The DOJ Investigation

As we continue to organize our effort to bring justice for Tamir-we believe the reality of violence against children is an issue that needs direct national attention. We (family) want to show the world that our effort is to began to paint a detailed picture of the nature, extent and causes of child directed violence what is being done to stop it. – In addition-We demand an end to police killings and institutional racism and declare that “Tamir’s life still matters.”
We believe that many people from across the nation will continue stand with us and in our call “Justice for Tamir Rice.” and the City of Cleveland’s refusal to take responsibility, will only continue to spark more outrage in our community. In addition, we agree with the recent U.S. Department of Justice report that found the Cleveland Police Department to have a “pattern or practice of unreasonable and unnecessary use of force,” and has repeatedly violated the civil rights of local residents,  in addition the city has routinely failed to adequately investigate law enforcement for wrongdoing which has added daily to the growing level of discontent. It’s been 8 months-Please note: While I am crushed, and I struggle  daily with the loss of my son, but I will not rest until those men who were responsible for taking my son’s life are prosecuted.” Samira Rice Mother of Tamir.
WHAT: Community Town Hall
WHERE: True Light Church 1799 E55th Cleveland, OH
WHEN: July 25,2015 from 7:00pm until 8:30pm
WHO: National/ Local Advocacy and Family of Tamir Rice
Source: Family Rice Family.

Media Advisor: Gregg L Greer, 321 355-0598 or


Latonya Goldsby, 216-903-8759

To learn more about this event, please contact
 Gregg L. Greer's photo.
Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”
 Dr. Martin Luther King

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