Dear Governor-My Letter to the Governor Bruce Rauner

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Dear Governor, As an organizer leader in the group that lead the successful effort to stop the “Dusable-Juneteenth Day Celebration that you intended to host. I feel happily unapologetic-because many people are suffering under this current “bold,” leadership that you provide, it hurts those who are not as proficient in the art of gain (directly meaning) that they can’t survive without valuable and much-needed public funds-this is a fact that you know very well.
Truly Governor, we are in a battle to defend those human rights here in Illinois that many are being denied. That is why-I have started to assist in organizing the thousands of union members, human service advocates, academics and other concerned civic citizens to join this conflict. They are the real hero’s of the moment.
As the top executive in our state-I believe you have the ultimate potential to do more to help the minority poor in our communities-As it stands you gravely mis-allocate human energy, life, and potential, for expenditures, in doing so you and your team remove yourselves of what it means to be compassionate.
On a lower level Governor Rauner you have not responded well to hear our concerns, instead choosing to attack schools in minority communities by calling them “crumbling prisons,”
Please consider Ms. Caprice Williams from Harmony Village,. She was one of the homeless youth who met with you. As they told you their story and what would happen if homeless youth programs like theirs would close down because of the budget crisis. Afterward The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless told the youth that money was already collected and sitting in Springfield. They were informed  that you could ensure these programs didn’t have to close.
“But the next Tuesday, his staff called to say there was nothing they could do. We asked why not, and his staff just said no. I felt betrayed by Gov. Rauner because he told us what we wanted to hear to keep us calm and so he would not look like the bad guy.”
Caprice Williams, Cain’s Chicago Business Editorial March 2016
Now, we are hearing reports that you have Senator Meeks organizing and directing a team of Pro Rauner Activist  who favor your agenda to counter the efforts of our community organizers-If this is true-it will be a serious waste of time and resources. I would hope that you would spend that time making it known that you care about the poorer communities though direct action-like releasing valuable public funds.
While I’m not ready to met after receiving multiple invitations -I can be available for private or public correspondence in hopes that you would find a way to make the lives of the many who need you as the top executive of our state easier.
For we the people are the writers of history, and I am certain that the coming days will prove, as always in history, that man will  free itself from the grips of oppression, and the most universal theme known to any man throughout history is Freedom First! with that in mind-I pray history will be kinder to you.
Pastor GL. Greer (President, Freedom First International SCLC) 
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