The Fight within-A Faith Commentary

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When I worked in corporate America, I seem to remember many days traveling from area to area on the highways for meetings. I remember many days listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show and the many funny stories that I heard. One story-was about a young man who started, taking karate lessons due to a bully who would take his lunch money everyday. This young man was smaller than the “big stocky bully.” The karate teacher soon told the young man that he would need to pay five dollars per lesson ($5.00). So the young man decided to pay the bully-due to the fact that it would be cheaper-that way.


Well, I must say-isn’t that like may of us? We believe like this young man did- that it’s easier to pay the bully then to learn how to defeat him. Sadly, for many of us-we continue to allow those of the world and the unfaithful to instill an unjust system of beliefs on us that we know are not for us, rather than to stand up and fight! We would continue to live while suffering, rather then to live while standing up for something we believe in-and that something is us!
Many of us may say-what’s the difference-they don’t really care about us! but the question is do you care about yourself, and your love ones?
Ok, here’s the major question, How can we win the battle, and defeat those in the world-who oppress us?  Honestly, we can’t defeat these folks. We alone do not have in our possession-neither the strength or fortitude to defeat the wicked. If we want to win in this battle we must become a collective, and connect the dots, wickedness can be conquered-but if we attempt to face it alone we are lost. 
For those of us who are oppressed by worldly power-we must discipline ourselves to call on Godly power, and use physical, psychological and ultimately spiritual power. We will win! Lastly-Paul reminds us that we battle not against flesh and blood, but principalities-spiritual wickedness in high places. Only then will we possibly make real the creed, “one nation-under God indivisible-with liberty and justice for all.
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