Media Debrief: The Racism in Mt.Greenwood-Chicago

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The first problem with “protest” is that the Blue Lives Matter movement got involved, and tried to change the narrative, it was not the Black Lives Matters advocacy who moved quickly to assist the Beal Family and have been supporting even after the death of Beal. Contrary to the story told by the Police-which differs from those who were with Beal when he was killed by an off-duty officer, but ” The off-duty police officer and the off-duty sergeant, who have not been identified, have both been placed on paid administrative leave, officials said. One of the officers was taken to the hospital after the incident, but was not seriously injured, police said.

The video shows several vehicles stopped in the middle of 111th Street near Troy Street. People can be heard yelling at each other as Nelson approaches.

A man in a red shirt approaches part of the crowd with what appears to be a gun in his hand. Another man can be seen telling people to back off and get on the ground. The man in the red shirt then appears to tuck his gun into his pants or a holster.

The video then pans back and forth a few times, and briefly shows a man in a white shirt appearing to point a gun before lowering it.

 The shooting is being investigated by the city’s Independent Police Review Authority, they are looking to determine whether when Beal was shot if acted lawfully or did he have a reasonable fear for his life.

Please note: Per the Centers for Disease Control, police officer killings of blacks are down 75 percent over the last 47 years. Compared with blacks, twice as many whites are killed by cops. True, blacks represent about 25 percent of those shot by the police, and the black population is just over 13 percent. Still, a “movement” has now been launched.

The second problem with the all “protest” is that a good majority of the white mob from Mt. Greenwood were chanting “go home,” N-word,  and get the f— Out of here.  would be reluctant to blast its own community members and America for its alleged racism and oppression. Just to be clear this is about White America’s racism, in a white suburban division of Chicago and how the white locals for many years have responded the black and minorities in their community as outsiders. (Note Also, specifically they jeered the Beal family who was already in morning for a young man who had died, another who was murdered and a third who was incarnated after a run in with the police.”

While many Men and women of all colors, ethnicity and races have died for the flag, but our message today and on yesterday was something different.  While we understand that there are challenges and many only to see their sacrifice disrespected by in Mt. Greenwood?  We understand that you reminded us areas of Chicago Black on Black crime and homicide, we don’t want that either.In any case I totally agree with the quotes in the two videos shared below:

We are experiencing state sponsored violence that murdered black people-like Laqaun McDonald, Laqaun McDonald was killed, Quintonio LeGrier was killed, Betty Jones, was killed who killed them the same “God damned CPD-that they are cheering for.”

“It’s evident when you have people ready to laugh, and celebrate a murder, laughing and celebrating a murder-you would think that human beings would be capable of that”



 At this point of my presentation, I’d like to mention what I call « state Freudian slips », which are akin to unconscious truths. I have numbered a few of them:

The Chicago Mayor’s whitewash

The first one was the Mayor of Chicago and city hall was represented  at the Protest by Associate Mayor Andrea Zapp and others who came with the “narrative let’s all get along.”  The classical narrative that they are using which is false, wants to say that, all is ok now-without regard the correcting real issue, which is the Mount Greenwood community and it’s long-term history of racial issues. It’s ok for the Mayor and his staff of, “paid,” proxies to whitewash this issue, but not at the expense of a family and who lost life.

The Establishment has always used those in society to be so-called-self-proclaimed “leaders” who would not dare to challenge them. They want blacks and others who will listen to them, vote for them, take their welfare, and affirm their cries of “systematic racism.” As a thing of the past! they say, “all is well boss.”

They represent a tremendous threat to the progressive ideology of those who want real change as opposed to symbolic posturing.

So, How do we deal with such an individual? By incriminating them, and by scrubbing their name at every opportunity. hip hop group Public Enemy’s song say’s it best “Don’t Believe the Hype”

Chicago police gunned my baby down  like a vicious animal,” Tiffaney Boxley, Beal’s mither, told WGN-TV. “They shot him twice in the back and three times in his front.”

We are facing a time when racist incidents endanger the safety of not just Blacks, but Latino and Muslim compatriots. A Kumbaya song and a bandage just won’t work. I’m sure if we asked members of the Beal Family if everything is ok, I’m sure they would say, “Oh hell no.” So-I’m with them. glg

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