For Immediate Release: Activist Community Rally to Stand to Voice Opinion for Chicago Police Reform Change with the Release of DOJ report

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For Immediate Release: Activist Community Rally to Stand to Voice Opinion for Chicago Police Reform Change with the Release of DOJ report!

Dirksen Federal Bldg, 219 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60604 at 10:00am

In Chicago on Friday Morning the Department of Justice is expected to release it’s expectedly scathing report based on the federal investigation to access if the Chicago Police Department violated the civil rights of minority citizens with Police Brutality.

For the activist community leadership on the ground. We strongly believe through consensus that the Mayor, chief of Police and civic leadership who have been amicable to the mayor’s agenda have lost valuable time over the course of the past year by trying to adhere to artificial “benchmarks,” that have no real effect on true reform.

To date this trend continues and the Mayor and team continue to miss the mark by the way just merely responding to questions about whether the department needs to have in place a federal consent decree. We activists believe laying out new CPD department training and use of force rules are only a step in the process due to the fact that CPD officers today continue to act outside of public interest. If in fact the

The mayor recently said in an interview, “our commitment to reform will not change with the administration.” We activists believe that in the midst of a Trump regime that has promised to be Pro-“Police Enforcement and Prosecution friendly,” the move and emphasis for greater Chicago-must be on restorative justice and to bring balance to a fractured “Mistrusting” Chicago Community.


Emanuel also stands no chance of restoring public trust in the black and minority community, which were already shattered by his handling of the Laquan McDonald shootings Homan Square, Chicago Police Brutality, unless he leads the down progression toward eliminating police abuses that have dragged on for decades.

Although there’s no turning back on the road to police reform, the consequences of Friday’s announcement could be enormous for Emanuel.

But on today’s date a “question must be asked in lieu of the DOJ report release-That question is whether the Mayor and team have been truly effective on their job, or has the mayor truly comprised his credibility, and loyalty to the better interest of Chicago Citizens with regard to serious reform.

President Gregg L, Greer, Freedom First International-Southern Christian Leadership Conference


Recent initiatives to address

RecentChange Perceptions of People of Color the poor and others about community violence.


WHAT: Press Conference and Rally to give voice to an alternative voice for Police Reform!

WHERE:  Friday 1-13-2016 10:00am 219 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60603, United States.

WHO:  Freedom First International_Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Violence Interrupters, Tree of Life Justice League of Illinois, Campaign to End Torture Chicago and others

WHY: Much needed public effort to fight for Chicago Police Reform.

PHOTO/STORY OPP:  Civil Rights Organizers-Who will bring an alternative voice to the issue.

AREA of INTEREST: Public Safety/ National Political Policy Reform against Police Brutality in Chicago

Contact (s):     Gregg L, Greer-Lead Activist-Media Adviser 321


2 thoughts on “For Immediate Release: Activist Community Rally to Stand to Voice Opinion for Chicago Police Reform Change with the Release of DOJ report

    alexmsalazar said:
    January 13, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    Praying for your steadfast leadership Gregg during this tumultuous historical period where it appears we are going backwards into time. This is what WE were created for!

      oneworld01 responded:
      January 19, 2017 at 11:36 pm

      I appreciate your words Alex-we must stand strong!

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