For immediate Release: Social Justice Organizers rally at Chicago City Hall (Mayors Office) on Malcolm X Day to call out Political Corruption and Police Brutality!

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The Ballot or the Bullet

Press Briefing

Friday, May 19, 2017at noon

 Chicago City Hall-121 N LaSalle Dr. Chicago, IL 60602 (second floor, press area)


Chicago City Hall, The Windy City has kept its crown as the most corrupt major city in the country over the last 40 years. Since the U.S. Department of Justice began to collect data in 1976, Chicago’s Northern District of Illinois, which includes Chicago, Cook County, and 17 other counties, has had 1,642 convictions, according to Simpson. That compares with 1,316 in LA and 1,260 in the New York district, which includes Manhattan, the Bronx, and six other counties.


The organizers plan to cover the following primary issues: 

(City Hall)

  • 29 alderman have been convicted of crimes related to his or her official duties since 1972. Local Politicians act outside of public concerns this is a serious problem.

(Rahm Emanuel)

  • Mayor Emanuel was the topic of several Chicago new reports in 2012, following claims by the Chicago Teachers Union that the mayor had been withholding resources from Chicago Public Schools. 
  • Mayor Emanuel also received flak for his decision to leave Chicago amidst plans of a Chicago-wide teachers’ strike in order to speak at the Democratic National Convention.
  • Rahm Emanuel has said, he didn’t understand the gravity of Laquan McDonald’s shooting death at the hands of a Chicago police officer until just before the city settled with the teen’s family last spring, and that he wasn’t aware other officers may have falsified reports about the shooting until just after the video was released to the public. Most of the public believes Emanuel is responsible for the cover-up and delay of this investigation.

(Chicago Police)

  • The police force wants to usher a signal to the public that CPD regards the use of lethal assault weapons as an acceptable solution to problems so the public as the same right. That’s a dangerous standard!
  • CPD Uses Deadly Force in Violation of the Fourth Amendment and Department ….. point—igniting longstanding concerns about CPD officers’ use of force, and the City’s systems.

Press Statement

This group of national Community organizers have been working diligently to address and combat Political corruption and Police Brutality in Chicago. This day like Malcolm historically advised African-Americans to judiciously exercise their right to vote, but on this symbolic day, we (organizers) will caution that if the local government continues to prevent African Americans and poor community from attaining full rights-Then, they will sanction leadership and call out those leaders who act outside of public interest more aggressively. 

Recent initiatives to address

Recent- Change national perceptions of people of color and others about the serious and real need for Police Reform.


WHAT:  For immediate Release: Social Justice Organizers rally at Chicago City Hall (Mayors Office) on Malcolm X Day to call out Political Corruption and Police Brutality 

WHERE:  Chicago City Hall Room 2nd Floor -121 N LaSalle Dr. Chicago, IL 60602 

               Tuesday, May 19. 2017at 12:00 noon

WHO: Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters, Tree of Life Justice League of Illinois, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Freedom Foundation for Global Justice, and others.  

WHY:   Social Justice Organizers rally at Chicago City Hall (Mayors Office) to call out Political Corruption on Malcolm X Day

PHOTO/STORY OPP:  Civil Rights Organizers and Community Folks who want change nationally in the wake of growing criticism of the Police Policy. This group is looking to effect change on a national level.

AREA of INTEREST: Public Safety/ National Policy Reform against_unfair Police and Public Policy in locally and nationally.

National (local) News and other media surrounding the incident: n/a

Are media advisers willing to give one on one interviews: Yes

Contact (s):     

Lead Activist-Media Adviser 

Gregg L. Greer, 404 992-8954



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