For Immediate Release: Media Statement from Family and Advocacy of Semaj Crosby_Regarding concerns about community activist (group)

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For Immediate Release: Media Statement from Family and Advocacy of Semaj Crosby_regarding concerns about community activist (group)

Greetings, over the course of the last few days week beginning this past week- Jedidiah Brown the Leader of the group now known as the Freedom Fighters made a declaration of support then offering their movement and assistance to the family, community, and known advocacy for Semaj Crosby. From the very start of the announcement the group made it their own mission to declare their solidarity with finding “Justice,” for Semaj Crosby a 16 month old homicide victim from Joliet Township, IL. 

Despite the group’s framing of their effort as a movement to spark “national interest,” in Semaj’s already nationally known case- we are very clear that this narrative is completely false and a gross misrepresentation of the known facts as laid out by groups already on the ground including the family, the community members, officials and known advocacy -who have worked diligently and been on the ground since the very moment Semaj disappeared-please note the groups continue to work progressively to support Justice for Semaj Crosby to this very day!-For the record these groups have rallied, protested, and educated the national and international public about Semaj’s case and specifics.

Please Note: The groups by name:  Justice for Semaj Action TeamFreedom First International, community members, and concerned family members including the child’s Father James Crosby have/are working with State Senators and with other officials on the ground-all to help move this case forward and find “Justice for Semaj.”

While we understand the Freedom Fighters desire for Justice, we truly believe that if our fight is to be successful and ultimately if “Justice” is won for Semaj Crosby-the effort must move forward without confusion, without misinformation tactics, and without mowing down the concerned family members, advocacy, and the community with malice. 

 Points that we very much like to highlight: 

  • Freedom Fighters group began raising money through “Cash Apps” and Paypal in Semaj Crosby’s name without Authorization from the family despite the fact that the family now holds the authorization to the estate of Semaj Crosby.   
  • They group are now using Semaj Crosby’s likeness and image again without authorization of Estate of Semaj as Freedom Fighter Brand awareness. An action which is totally unacceptable and must immediately cease. (Picture below)
  • Jedidiah Brown has made multiple false and unproven statements-interjecting himself into the case-even to the extent of calling local officials to solicit information. 
  • We (advocacy) are concerned about statements and negative entanglements that already surround this group and it’s leader from their actions in Rosemont, IL with the Mother Teresa Martin of Kenneka Jenkins and statements of misappropriation of “fundraising efforts” by ​organizers which included Brown.
  • Also-Jedidah Brown personal (public) concerns of fraudulent activity as laid out by his own family members including one “Asia Love” a cousin. (video, supplied below) from earlier this year. This includes Brown’s known public suicide attempt from Lakeshore Drive (article below). 

In Closing at this point-we as the community don’t mind anyone who offers to help and that help is readily welcome it-but we must be clear in the fact that we would hope and pray for the help that is sincere. We would go on to say sincere help is very much needed, respected and more then appreciated form those who have not shown a serious pattern of misdirection, alienation of others, which only adds to the confusion of a very complex case. As far as the Freedom Fighters-At this point we must clearly disregard any offer for help unless authorized by our coalition. 

We must note that at this point we need legislation, “more vigils and prayers.”

Best Regards,

Freedom First International Team

James Crosby Father of Semaj Crosby

Concerned Family Members and Community


Jedidiah Brown suicide attempt article_DNA INFO
Please send any concerns or questions to

One thought on “For Immediate Release: Media Statement from Family and Advocacy of Semaj Crosby_Regarding concerns about community activist (group)

    Jayy cold said:
    November 14, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    He is crazy an need med he need not try to help any one cause they get the for them,self they have lots of peolpe work with them that is crazy an live on the street i,think if,thing s dont go his way or you find out what hes really up,them he will go on live an say all kind of bad things about person an get the ones that he his fool on his side like he an crew did with kennka jinken mother i wish he would have been place in jail.for what he was saying my her heart hurt even more it was turly ugly i belive he is a very sivk man an may try an kill some to keep from killing himself never let him have any kind if power,with peolpe it go to his head an he will steal all the money

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