The Teacher As Leader

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Faith and Leadership

20228873_1490840277642799_5385441953393498167_n (1) Omar Liles, D.Min, CDP, Associate Editor

7/1/2018 10:15 PM CST



The Teacher as Leader

  In this writing I will briefly discuss what a good Christian teacher is and what a Christian teacher is not. Many people who graduate from seminary dream of being a good teacher to advance the knowledge of seminarians, congregations and Disciples of Christ in order to grow the church. I will briefly highlight three point” The Teacher As A Leader, Having Strong Communication And Learning By Demonstration.

                                                A Good Christian Teacher 

A Teacher As A Leader

      A teacher is a leader that is willing to be lead by others. A leader is also a teacher that is willing to demonstrate that they are capable of learning as well. A teacher must take a role in developing, expressing and engaging others.  What makes a Christian educator great? A Christian educator is a person who is willing to give instruction in biblical and theological studies as they live their life as an example for those that are willing to be lead by you through Jesus Christ. The teacher shows confidence within their students as to learning to have confidence for those who is willing to be teachers also.

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 Having Strong Communication

 They must have strong communication skills in order to get their point across so that they can be clear of what they are saying to those who follow them. What I have learned from teaching is that I had a great teacher who taught me well because I understood what he told me.

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Learning By Demonstration

 I also learned by demonstration. The primary focus of teaching is to teach not only what you know but to teach how it can be done. A gymnast can never know how to use a parallel bar unless he or she is taught how to use it effectively. Using a parallel bar without demonstration will be a result of injury.


                                           A Good Teacher Is Not
A good teacher is not an individual who doesn’t study progressively on an ongoing basis.They will use their time to learn and develop a spiritual relationship with Christ. As they continue to grow their lifestyle will reflect what they teach. Teacher does deceive their flock and ought to lead them astray. Your position is to lead followers to Christ. The teacher is not prideful not boastful about how much they know. They are humble and will be an example on display to the world.
In my conclusion a teacher must exercise good character because his personal behavior must be of the true sign of what is to be a leader. It is their outward expression of God’s word is one of the sure signs of human behavior and character of a Christian. To achieve this way of life a person who is saved must be a living example of what it means to be a true Christian in the faith. Your personal walk with Christ will demonstrate how much you really love a person whether it’s a family member, friend or relative. As a teacher he or she will present themselves as being a person of integrity. shield-of-faith-clipart-1

20228873_1490840277642799_5385441953393498167_n (1)Omar Liles is the Associate Editor of the Faith and Leadership Journal. Omar Liles graduated with a Master of Religion from New York Divinity School. After he graduated he pursued his Christian education further in 2014 at Andersonville Theological Seminary and graduated with a Doctorate in Ministry in 2018 with a grade point average (Magna Cum Laude, GPA 3.80).  In 2015 he was Certified as a Dementia Practitioner with The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. In 2016 he became a member of the Urban League of Essex County Young Professionals. Currently he works as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor and Administrator at Exodus Training and Employment Services. He a member of the Ecclesia Scholars Society and a volunteer substitute teacher assistant at New York Divinity School and is a member of The King Movement that is founded by Chris Broussard. Despite these accomplishments Jesus has become the central focus of his life and continues until this day to serve Christ and there is nothing that he could or would of have done without Jesus Christ as the head of his life. Amen



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