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The Teacher As Leader

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Faith and Leadership

20228873_1490840277642799_5385441953393498167_n (1) Omar Liles, D.Min, CDP, Associate Editor

7/1/2018 10:15 PM CST



The Teacher as Leader

  In this writing I will briefly discuss what a good Christian teacher is and what a Christian teacher is not. Many people who graduate from seminary dream of being a good teacher to advance the knowledge of seminarians, congregations and Disciples of Christ in order to grow the church. I will briefly highlight three point” The Teacher As A Leader, Having Strong Communication And Learning By Demonstration.

                                                A Good Christian Teacher 

A Teacher As A Leader

      A teacher is a leader that is willing to be lead by others. A leader is also a teacher that is willing to demonstrate that they are capable of learning as well. A teacher must take a role in developing, expressing and engaging others.  What makes a Christian educator great? A Christian educator is a person who is willing to give instruction in biblical and theological studies as they live their life as an example for those that are willing to be lead by you through Jesus Christ. The teacher shows confidence within their students as to learning to have confidence for those who is willing to be teachers also.

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 Having Strong Communication

 They must have strong communication skills in order to get their point across so that they can be clear of what they are saying to those who follow them. What I have learned from teaching is that I had a great teacher who taught me well because I understood what he told me.

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Learning By Demonstration

 I also learned by demonstration. The primary focus of teaching is to teach not only what you know but to teach how it can be done. A gymnast can never know how to use a parallel bar unless he or she is taught how to use it effectively. Using a parallel bar without demonstration will be a result of injury.


                                           A Good Teacher Is Not
A good teacher is not an individual who doesn’t study progressively on an ongoing basis.They will use their time to learn and develop a spiritual relationship with Christ. As they continue to grow their lifestyle will reflect what they teach. Teacher does deceive their flock and ought to lead them astray. Your position is to lead followers to Christ. The teacher is not prideful not boastful about how much they know. They are humble and will be an example on display to the world.
In my conclusion a teacher must exercise good character because his personal behavior must be of the true sign of what is to be a leader. It is their outward expression of God’s word is one of the sure signs of human behavior and character of a Christian. To achieve this way of life a person who is saved must be a living example of what it means to be a true Christian in the faith. Your personal walk with Christ will demonstrate how much you really love a person whether it’s a family member, friend or relative. As a teacher he or she will present themselves as being a person of integrity. shield-of-faith-clipart-1

20228873_1490840277642799_5385441953393498167_n (1)Omar Liles is the Associate Editor of the Faith and Leadership Journal. Omar Liles graduated with a Master of Religion from New York Divinity School. After he graduated he pursued his Christian education further in 2014 at Andersonville Theological Seminary and graduated with a Doctorate in Ministry in 2018 with a grade point average (Magna Cum Laude, GPA 3.80).  In 2015 he was Certified as a Dementia Practitioner with The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. In 2016 he became a member of the Urban League of Essex County Young Professionals. Currently he works as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor and Administrator at Exodus Training and Employment Services. He a member of the Ecclesia Scholars Society and a volunteer substitute teacher assistant at New York Divinity School and is a member of The King Movement that is founded by Chris Broussard. Despite these accomplishments Jesus has become the central focus of his life and continues until this day to serve Christ and there is nothing that he could or would of have done without Jesus Christ as the head of his life. Amen



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One The Move for W/E April 10, 2017

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Starting today Oneworld will send this segment around the world. Currently This effort has an outreach of 40,000. people (worldwide)-we will advance to 75,000 by Mid 2018. by-If you have an initiative that you want to be broadcasted abroad-please advise via,, or use the Facebook group page messenger to inform two weeks in advance. The post will appear as 30 words or less. You must like our facebook group page and follow us on

Not all submissions will be accepted-we are looking for civic and community events, forums-no for profit items will be accepted . Friends in India, and Africa included Start today!
It’s a great free way to LET the world know what you’re up to!

Featured Organizations for W/E 4-9-17

Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters, Tree of Life, Loyola University Christian Student Organization, The Interfaith Committee for Detained Immigrant and others met at the Broadview Detention Center (Chicago) to address unfair deportations.

Over 250 people came out in Chicago to join an emergency national day of action against Trump’s war on Syria! Organizations involved were Answer Chicago, Refuse Fascism, and others. Protest were also staged in Washinton DC, New York and Los Angeles.

Multiple families, supporters, and community members held a rally in Bakersfield on Saturday to protest the increased “police terror” inflicted onto their communities. The rally took place at the Stockdale Hwy and California Ave intersection, a location that local Bakersfield residents have continuously used for demonstrations on social justice for over a decade.


If you have an initiative that you want to be broadcasted abroad-please advise via,, or use the Facebook group page at




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Allegedly Donald Trump Hired Russian Prostitutes to Pee In Beds He Knew the Obamas Slept!

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Today news broke that Russian operatives have a raft of comprising material on Donald Trump that they are holding to use against him.

As reported by various sources including the Root, and CNN-A person claiming to be a former British intelligence official compiled a dossier that has been circulating for weeks among elected officials, intelligence agents, and journalists, making claims that the Russian government has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” President-elect Donald Trump for years and gained compromising information about him.

The dossier is a collection of memos reportedly written over a period of months, and includes specific but unverified allegations of contact between Trump aides and Russian operatives. It also contains graphic claims of sexual acts documented by the Russians which are also unverified. CNN reported on Tuesday that a two-page synopsis of the dossier was given to President Obama and President-elect Trump.

BuzzFeed has obtained and published the full document “so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the U.S. government.”

Much of what is in the report are things that have already been widely reported and speculated on in the media, including Russia interfering in the election by providing information on Hillary Clinton and the like. The most salacious claims, however, allege that Trump has some kinky ideas on what to do in the bedroom.

According to the report, Donald Trump allegedly rented the Presidential Suite at the Moscow Ritz Carlton Hotel “where he knew President and Mrs. Obama (whom he hated) had stayed on one of their official trips to Russia.” The report goes on to say that Trump “defiled” the room by hiring prostitutes and having them “perform a ‘golden showers’ (urination) show in front of him.”

The room was allegedly full of concealed microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms to record anything that happened in them.

The president-elect’s attorney, Michael Cohen, said that the allegations were false.

“It’s so ridiculous on so many levels,” Cohen said. “Clearly the person who created this did so from their imagination or did so hoping that the liberal media would run with this fake story for whatever rationale they have.”

Trump also spoke out against the reports on his own Twitter feed.

The two-page synopsis also included allegations that there was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government, according to two national security officials

(Original Source-The Root and the Atlantic)


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A Faith Commentary: If God Gave you five minutes to Live by!

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Attribution: CNN.COM /Getty Images
If God gave you five minutes to live by, what would you do in those last moments. Would you try to fulfill any dream that you have always wanted to complete?
Would you spend that time saying goodbye, to your family members? Or would you spend that time traveling finding the worldly exotic pleasures-that made you happy in life? After all was said and done would you wait until the last minute to “get it right with God.” 
The Christian Faith dictates, that followers should not wait until the end of their lives to obey, honor, and empower your faith. One reason why we all must react is because no one knows the appointed time the end will come. Much like the corporate manager who puts the junior manager in charge of the office while he is away. As people of faith we must plan for this very important moment at the end of our lives by taking charge of our lives until our leader(God) returns. Tragically, most people don’t prepare for the moment when death catches up to them but God ask us to proceed with eternity in mind.
Stories of those who have had a deathbed conversation, show that if you look mostly at elderly people, you will find that they always tend to take the end of days more seriously and are better prepared. In truth none of us know when were going to die, perhaps we’ll live until old age or maybe you’ll die in a tragic car accident tomorrow. (Hope not!)
If you haven’t done so, make your life right with God Today-Tell him that you are sorry for all sin. Then make every effort to obey him. Regardless of the circumstances. When it’s over all that really matters is what you’ve done.

Key Question: What immediate steps can you take to incorporate these changes right now into your life.

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The Hate that Hate Made!

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On Today July 17, 2016, many are aware of the current national news headlines detailing two cops who were killed in Baton Rouge, and multiple cops killed in Dallas, Texas last week.

In the wake of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Mike Brown in Ferguson, Freddy Gray in Baltimore, Eric Garner New York City, Alton Sterling in Louisiana and stolen lives-elsewhere, most of the time black people in city’s across America have known for some time that there is a deep rooted issue in our communities. Many of us are totally aware of the nature of police oppression and violence against the black community in urban cities. This has happened to such an extent that we as (blacks) expect from the police a regular “shake down, ” at least once in our life and for some-we’ve become immune to this treatment.



So maybe we should just start by saying a black man is three times more likely to be searched at a traffic stop, and seven times more likely to go jail than his white counterpart. Blacks make up nearly 40 percent of arrests for violent crimes, but  over 60 percent of prosecutions. Everyday thousands of blacks have suffered subliminal forms of discrimination to harsh issues both inside and outside the criminal justice system. We don’t need social science research to show how striking are the racial disparities exist at nearly every level for blacks-just go into the hood and ask a black person!  We have suffered from mass incarceration by ungodly arrest rates, to unheard of bail amounts for minimal crimes. One truly doesn’t need to  shift through any vast body of research to find the clearest indicators of racial disparities at different phases of the American Justice

 Another study, by The Sentencing Project, examines vastly disproportionate rates of incarceration for African-American Men. We should be asking ourselves why these disparities exist?


With institutional racism in Job, schools, and communities black  have no choice but to push our way forward from here,  and most will tell you they are long tired of being victims.  

Gregg L.Greer-President, Freedom First International-S.C.L.C Member

I’ve said in the recent past- Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and others are not victims of the lopsided school systems that failed them. They are victims of a police force that overwhelmingly assumes first that most young black men are criminals followed by fear of them. They are a victims of bad legislation, like the Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, that gives anyone the unfettered right to kill if they feel threatened in any way. 

With institutional racism in Job, schools, and communities have no choice but to push our way forward from here.

The Father of hate will forever be lies, the forested lie that hate tells is some races are better than others. Eric A Russell-Founder of Tree of Life Justice League of IL.

Yes it’s tragic that Police officers who responded to Sunday’s shootings killed Long in a gun battle after the other officers were ambushed, police sources told CNN.

It’s sad that two of those who died were Baton Rouge police officers, said Police Chief Carl Dabadie. The gunman also killed a sheriff’s deputy and critically wounded a deputy who is “fighting for his life,” said East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux.

Another wounded deputy and police officer have non-life-threatening wounds, law officers said.




It is with this thought in mind-that we embrace the pain-that other communities are feeling, because we know this pain-it’s a way too familiar pain. This pain has slowly given rise to Black Militant groups such as the one pictured above. (Armed Black Militants Prep for War-you tube)

The pain that black’s have endured for many years-which simply says-we are victims of a certain Moral blindness– Which means every single black person in the eyes of a racist  is the sign of a terrible crime from their ugly past, a reminder that their life is a fraud, that they need to simply own up to their past and make it right. Instead of denying, shifting blame, or to lie, twisting the facts and make black people into these ungodly creatures that they look down on, laugh at and yet, oddly, fear. It is a failed attempt to be at “peace,” with themselves. Can someone consider apologizing to the Black community for the long hard years of systematic oppression. Maybe the killings of cops would stop.

 It is my hope and most likely a dream- that the President and others who discuss the tragic circumstances of Dallas, and Baton Rouge will spend equal time discussing the level of frustration in the black community- I will caution all that-the time came yesterday- when the black community grew tired. Please know that we don’t want to blame anyone for senseless loss of life-but please-please tell me who’s to blame for the “Hate that Hate made.”

 Peace and Love


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For immediate release: Peace Rally and Press Conference outside of the Dusable Museum (Emancipate our State from Rauner)

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****Updated Media Advisory *****

On This coming Monday June  20, 2016 at 11:00 am-Multiple community activist (groups) and union organizers will conduct a Peace Rally and Press Conference outside of the Dusable Museum at 740 E 56th Pl Chicago, IL  for the local (south side) Chicago community to continue to join together after they (group) along with applied community support-as well as the Governors team decision contributed to a cancellation of Governor Rauner’s scheduled exclusive private event at the Dusable  on Juneteeth. (See Invitation below) on a holiday which marked the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. Dating back to 1865.

Hundreds of people from over including 20 organizations would have assembled to send a clear message to the Governor that a political narrative was not welcome on Juneteenth   at the Dusable nor anywhere else in our community.

(We have to hold our institutions accountable, their best standards and practices have to be centered around the well being of the people and the development and empowerment of the community. said, other of the organizers)

Kofi Ademola a Chicago Leader from Black Lives Matter 

(The consensus from participating organizations is they still want to do this action. They want to send a “strong message” to Governor Rauner regarding his disrespect to our community and the fact that he continues to hold our state hostage for his political agenda. )

S.E.I.U of Illinois and participating union partners

The activist agree- The last straw was this past week-was when Rauner used extremely demeaning language such as calling Chicago Public Schools a ” crumbling prison” to argue the school district doesn’t deserve an additional $100 million in funding-which shows he has no to little regard for the struggles of working and lower-income inner city Illinoisans.

For their effort, they (group) believe that the integrity of the black and poor minority community is being threatened by the violence, bad leadership, and lack of education and that ongoing and progressive solutions must be sought, not political grandstanding.


Recent initiatives to address

Recent Case- Demand Justice , ect

CPS School System Reform

Community Violence Prevention on the Chicago (Southside)

Change Perceptions of People of Color and others in the political system

WHAT: Press Conference Revoke Governor Rauner

WHERE:  Dusable Museum -740 E 56th Pl Chicago, IL (57th and Morgan Drive Side infront)

WHEN: Monday, June 20, 2016 at 11:00am

WHO: Multiple Local Advocacy and Community Activist Leadership

Contact: Gregg L, Greer-Lead Activist-Media Advisor or 321 355-0598

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One World Salutes Mothers-You have made our world Better!

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Mother in you God gave a flower so rare,

one of its kind, 

love and beauty a mother,

and yes! she’s mine.

A rose without thorns, not a petal brown or torn,
My rose standing not tall but please know she’s standing straight to the heavens wall

Mother your love that never swayed the most precious and beautiful of love of all.

A beautiful flower that survived the worst kind of weather and yet in your spirit you had always remain the most sincere and the most delicate ever,

a rose with a fragrance, never, there could be none other,

On this day I declare to the world-Hey, world -please know this rose is my Mother!

A rose is picked and put to dry,

the beauty is still there,  none will ever doubt or deny. Thank You for the Love that You give, that inspires our world

Thank You Mother and have your day on this Day,

Thank You for the love that never dies.

Love and Peace, G.L. Greer Editor 

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