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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rice Family releases statement on the Tamir Rice Case now going to the prosecutors office.

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Rice Family releases statement on the Tamir Rice Case now going to the prosecutors office.


Freedom First International June 05, 2015 

CLEVELAND, Ohio–(Crime Wire)– This week the Cleveland Prosecutor has now received The Tamir Rice Police Shooting Case File, and with that in mind we issue the following statement:

The shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old African American boy, occurred on November 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio. Two police officers, 26-year-old Timothy Loehmann and 46-year-old Frank Garmback
The shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old African-American boy, occurred on November 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio. Two police officers, 26-year-old Timothy Loehmann and 46-year-old Frank Garmback

“We stand extremely vigilant with our effort to bring justice to Tamir-while we understand that the investigation into the shooting death of Tamir Rice by The two Cleveland Police Officers- Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann has now been handed over to the Prosecutor Tim McGinty for review -in addition to the hand over of the file, we have been made aware that the Prosecutor may soon convene a grand jury. In any case, we want the world to know we stand firm in our efforts. We (family) will not stop with our level of commitment to bring justice for Tamir, and with that in mind- we wish to ask the officials who are investigating Tamir’s Case to be mindful and consider their sworn obligation and commitment to peace, social justice, and the civil rights of all.”

Please note-We have always maintained that, “Justice for Tamir,” has always been at the forefront of our agenda and it will continue to be our first priority.”  In addition, “We are strong and focused throughout this process, and will not stop executing our plan to deliver to “Justice” those who are responsible for taking the life of my son Tamir Rice, said Samaria Rice-Mother of Tamir Rice.

We believe that many people from across the nation stand with us and in our call for “Justice for Tamir Rice,” and the city’s ongoing refusal to take responsibility and indict the officers, can only continue to spark more outrage in the local Cleveland Community and communities across our nation. In addition, we agree with the recent U.S. Department of Justice report that found the Cleveland Police Department to have a “pattern or practice of unreasonable and unnecessary use of force,” and has repeatedly violated the civil rights of local residents, and routinely fails to adequately investigate law enforcement for wrongdoing has added daily to the growing level of discontent.

Wanted poster of Police Officers Garmback and Loehmann made by an unknown source.

We demand an end to police killings and institutional racism and declare that “Tamir’s life will always matter.” We are confident-that our actions will continue to create significant value in our fight for Tamir. For us as The family-The message has always been clear. No Justice-No Peace!



For More Media Information: Family Rice.

Source: Family Rice Family.                      

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 Gregg L Greer


Today We celebrate the Life of a “Great American”-Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

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Wisdom For Life

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the SCLC First President
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King understood that our greatest strength to establishing powerful relationships is to be honest about our greatest weaknesses. We have all been socially conditioned to worry about what others will think and it’s only when we share our failures, our sincere thoughts, and what we don’t know with them is when we grow as a human being.

When we connect deeply with people who have struggled, we bridge our world then we grow. The truth is that these moments of vulnerability are the very moments that we grow. When we connect deeply with people who have struggled, who are insecure about something, or who have failed because we’ve all been there we grow. Dr. King understood while we all struggle, that it’s not only okay to be vulnerable, it’s crucial.

Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We celebrate You!

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Breaking News*George Stinney Jr. Exonerated in South Carolina Judge rules!

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Today ends, long fight to resolve the Stinney Jr. case in South Carolina, I appreciate all the advocates on the case who stayed the course though it all! We would hope that the struggle for “Justice,” does not end here. We need everyone in our battle. God Bless You all, and God Bless George Stinney Jr, 

Rev. Gregg L Greer (Stinney Advocate)




In June 16, 1944, 14-year-old George Stinney, Jr. became the youngest person executed in the United States in the past century.

Wednesday, a South Carolina judge vacated Stinney’s conviction, which essentially clears his name. Stinney was convicted of murdering two white girls in Alcolu, South Carolina.

His trial lasted a few hours and no witnesses were called on his behalf. When he was sentenced to die by electrocution, no appeal was filed.

No physical evidence or trial transcript exists.

Below is the order from Circuit Judge Carmen T. Mullen:

This Court finds fundamental, Constitutional violations of due process exist in the 1944 prosecution of George Stinney, Jr. and hereby vacates the judgment.

According to WBTV’s Jeremy Turnage’s report, Judge Mullen wrote:

Given the particularized circumstances of Stinney’s case, I find by a preponderance of the evidence standard, that a violation of the Defendant’s procedural due process rights tainted his prosecution.

Defense lawyer Matthew Burgess told that Wednesday “is a great day in South Carolina,” because of the ruling.

“We’re very pleased that George Stinney has been exonerated and that the conviction against him has been vacated.”

Burgess said he’s talked with Stinney’s sister Amie and the family is “very happy.”


Cleveland Police Union President Follmer must go!

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******* For Immediate Release*******

Freedom First (SCLC) will conduct the conference tonight.
Freedom First request Removal.


Cleveland, Ohio On 12-16-2014-A Letter was issued to the Cleveland Police Union as well as media around the country to request and apology and removal of it’s President Jeff Follmer for his decision to  suggest the police killing of a unarmed 12 year old Tamir Rice as “justified. ” Then Follmer suggest that people learn to listen to the Police or 3  seconds it could end. 
Then Follmer goes on to state,: “You know, there’s a video of this, and everything speaks for itself. The male’s action spoke for itself. The video clearly shows, and by the officers’ statement, that they were justified in the, in the deadly force.” AM: “You’re saying that the video clearly shows that the 12-year-old boy was an imminent lethal threat to the officers?”

JF: “Oh, absolutely. I don’t know if you didn’t see it, but yeah absolutely.”

Stated in the letter (Attached Below) “As members of this community, we insist that you do not speak about our children in your unjust actions. In every way your dangerous words, tweets, or presence on national television make us feel more unsafe, disrespected, or threatened, as your disturbing public rhetoric has increased. “
The coalition has requested other available area members to join in solidarity by signing the petition the press conference and showing their support this initiative.
December 16, 2014
Dear Jeff Follmer & Members of The Board of Trustees,
We, as Faith Leadership and, and our growing coalition of advocates, are writing to object in the strongest possible terms to the murder of Tamir Rice. As members of this community, we insist that you do not speak about our children in your unjust actions. In every way your dangerous words, tweets, or presence on national television make us feel more unsafe, disrespected, or threatened, as your disturbing public rhetoric has increased.  Your decision to  suggest the police killing of a unarmed 12 year old child as “justified,”  in fact is what threatens us all. We understand your effort by pointing to anti-American and anti-Black as an attempt to obscure politically and financially motivated action, you minimize the voices of those police who have resisted real and violent anti-hate.
By conflating this issue, your administration is effectively disregarding a large and growing number of perspectives that oppose police brutality, violence and the assault on decent Americans. We did not survive over 300 years of Jim Crow lynching, and ethnic cleansing and carry on the legacy of our people to have our existence used to justify that same genocide and ethnic cleansing, or their unethical treatment when you speak out against the murder, violence, and displacement of “my,” people. Furthermore, we insist that you not minimize the context within which other decent Americans like Andrew Hawkins  have taken . It is within your pale right and that of us all to express opposition to the brutality to which we are and have been bearing witness in America, and to do so with sharp interrogation and anger.
I am obligated to brand your actions, and opposition as uncivil and unsafe enough to warrant a request for the dismissal of your position as faculty member. We believe this is not only a violation of  freedom, it is a clear devaluation of America and also of the American existence and personhood, with implications for others whose lives similarly have been and continue to be systematically attacked through possible state-sanctioned violence.
Over the course of the next few weeks you will see growing opposition (thousands) with direct actions campaigns directed at your organization, these items may effect the ability of your foundation to progress. Our efforts will increase until we can reach an agreeable point.   
It is unfortunate that your critique, anger, dissent, and very existence on this issue has made some, many, within the community uncomfortable. However, there is nothing comfortable (or civil, for that matter) about Police Brutality murder. While you pontificated over whether or not some comments you made on social media and network tv were anti-American, around the U.S. “we,” sponsored thousands of thousands to gather across the country to protest Police violence, that should be a clear message of the people who desire for change.
About Greer

Reverend Gregg L Greer will lead the effort. Greer is a prominent member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (The Organization started by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and Greer will work as the Chicago Office Director. Also Gregg L Greer will lead a National Civil Rights Coalition of Civil Rights members from several cities including Cleveland to participate. 

Tamir Rice

References Attached

Additional References:

        RE: Reverend Gregg L Greer
Please let us know if you have any questions.

To learn more about this request, please contact or 321 355-0598











Why We Believe the George Stinney Jr. trial was tainted from the start!

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One World

     George Stinney’s Family Speaks Out!  (Why We Believe the George Stinney Jr. trial was tainted from the start!)

 stinney_image ,2

Today- February 20, 2014, the Family and Advocates of George Stinney Jr. have decided to release an official statement with regards to their loved one. Their desire to release this statement is not an emotional appeal for empathy but rather our desire to make more public little known facts about this case and our feelings with having to endure this incident that will always be in the background of our lives. In addition this effort is to highlight our belief that we must not hide the past, but apologize for the past, and work toward a progressive future. While we are now fighting to correct this wrong, we want to hope for an America in which all American Citizens can welcome freedom and justice. (Family and Friends)


Clarendon County, South Carolina, -At fourteen years of age George Stinney Jr., a young boy with no criminal record in his entire life, who’s name now lives in infamy as the youngest person executed in U.S. History for the “alleged” murder of young two white girls. The case of George Stinney Jr. stinks of circumstantial, unproven and unsubstantiated prosecutorial testimony combined with a host of other injustices. The list of questionable factors is heavy, they include; a Governor who was an alleged White Supremacist , a Defense Tax lawyer who was not trained for Defense of Capital Cases-while preparing for an election that dropped the ball and totally misrepresented Stinney. Also don’t exclude the fact that the confession of George Stinney Jr. was never recorded in police files, and Detectives offered the boy ice cream once they were done-also that the statement appears to have been fabricated from start to finish. While these factors may be minimal to some we, believe-they are enough to show and prove that George Stinney Jr. had no chance of a fair trial, and that this case-was tainted from start to finish.


  • We believe that the Confession of George Stinney Jr. was a historic miscarriage of justice and according to witnesses and court records the confession of George Stinney Jr. does not exists in any public records. Three Sheriff’s offered the boy ice cream once they were done. While at the recent court hearing testimony from a child psychiatrist who said the confession, no matter what it said, is “not reliable.”Dr. Amanda Salas, a defense witness, said she reviewed what few documents remained from the case and interviewed Stinney family members to make her evaluation. Salas testified that Stinney was likely suggestible to the white prosecutors and law enforcement who were there for his confession. She also said George Stinney grew up in a culture and in a family that encouraged strict compliance to whites, which may have caused George Stinney to “cave” when questioned by the adults.
  • The confession…is best characterized as a coerced, compliant, false confession,” Salas said. the confession, no matter what it said, is “not reliable.”
  • Governor Olin D. Johnston (an alleged White Supremacist), was mainly responsible for the “railroading,” of this case
    It is believed that Governor Olin D. Johnston (an alleged White Supremacist), was mainly responsible for the “railroading,” of this case
    Our research has shown that Governor Olin D. Johnston (an alleged White Supremacist), was mainly responsible for the “railroading,” of this case- Johnson was in an election year and directly assigned the Police investigator Mr. S.J. Pratt from Columbia, South Carolina. Still despite many ongoing questions regarding the validity of the officers’ testimony and Stinney’s alleged confession from local (area) churches, the N.A.A.C.P., and unions who pleaded with Johnston to stop the execution and commute the sentence to life imprisonment, citing George Stinney’s age as a mitigating factor but he did not act, instead Johnston allowed the execution to take place. That spring, police details of Stinney’s alleged confession were swiftly routed to the governor’s office in Columbia. As clemency pleas came in to then-Gov. Olin Johnston, responded with the graphic false, fabricated details were never true claiming they were relayed to him by Mr. SJ Pratt: “George Stinney killed the smaller girl to rape the larger one. Then he killed the larger girl and raped her dead body. Twenty minutes later he returned and attempted to rape her again but her body was too cold.” That account, however, is in direct conflict with a recently found autopsy report that did not find evidence of a sexual attack. This account never happened.
    Johnston’s letter “had no basis in fact. It was a complete lie,”
    Johnston’s letter “had no basis in fact. It was a complete lie,”
  • Johnston’s letter “had no basis in fact. It was a complete lie,” said Manning attorney Ray Chandler, in a recent interview whose law firm is defending George Stinney. A review of the original autopsy report previously buried in state archives and a re-examining of events — potentially puts the case on new footing
  • Charles Plowden The court appointed 31-year-old Charles Plowden, a tax commissioner, to defend Stinney. “Plowden had political aspirations. Plowden who had never tried a capital case. Making matters worse, his court-appointed attorney was planning a run for office, putting him in a dangerous conflict of interest that ensured the inadequacy of George Stinney’s defense “Plowden was provide enough defense so that he could not be accused of incompetence, but not be so passionate that he would anger the local whites who may one day vote for him.”
  • The employment and Family relationships are (attached) they further the fact that George had no chance at a fair trial, because all of the inquest jurors were related or worked at the mill for Mr George Burke Sr. who was the mill foreman.
  • To this day, no physical evidence that George Stinney Jr. committed the crime exists. His trial — if you call it that —George was convicted and sentenced in one day of court which lasted less than two hours. Prosecution. No outside witnesses were called. No defense evidence was presented. The boy faced his sentence without (us) his family who were forced to move away from the city for fear of lynching from the angry mobs. Stinney Jr. was left to face trial alone 1,000 people-whites only crammed the South Carolina courthouse. Blacks weren’t allowed inside. The all-White jury deliberated for all of 10 minutes in between lunch before sentencing him to death by electrocution –All this constitutes cruel punishment.


Family and Advocate Statements:


Rev.Gregg L. Greer (Lead Advocate
Rev.Gregg L. Greer (Lead Advocate)

I along with many believe America is truly a “Great,” County, but we (Americans) must be interested in telling truth and not distorting history to suit our own ends. Let us rewrite this wrong, let us, correct history for the purpose of doing what is right. Stinney’s name must be cleared

Says, Gregg L Greer (Advocate member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference).


Sonja Eddy Williamson (Lead Advocate)
Sonja Eddy Williamson (Lead Advocate)


I pray George Stinney, Jr will be exonerated, even as   they took his life. It is never too late to clear one’s name and correct history. My dedicated support for George Stinney, Jr comes by the endless hours of research of the crime and the background of those involved. Please remember to include Judge Mullen in your prayers that she will pray over this case and know George was entitled to fairness. As a human being we all have rights no matter our age, race or social status. As a human we are all created the same and should be treated the same.

Said, Sonya Williamson (Advocate/Researcher for the case)


Aime Ruffner (Stinney Family, Sister of George)
Aime Ruffner (Stinney Family, Sister of George)

This is something that I know. I know my brother is innocent.”“Someone has to be the scapegoat,” Aime Stinney said. “My brother was the scapegoat.” Aime Stinney said she found peace a long time ago. “There is a God who sits high and looks low,” she said. “I know that anyone who had anything to do with this will have to come before a just God.”   Aime Ruffner (Stinney Family, Sister of George)


Norma Robinson (Stinney Family, Niece)
Norma Robinson (Stinney Family, Niece)

The Stinney Family only seeks “Justice”, “exoneration,” and nothing else. My Grandparents did not live to see the day when this case would be recalled to court. We pray the courts accept the evidence that we know has been known to the public all along, and if only people had looked, but given the time in South Carolina (Jim Crow Era) no one cared to seek the truth. The family strongly believes that documents, public records, and just plain common sense all clearly show that George Stinney Jr did not get a fair trial. Seventy years is a long enough time for any family to suffer such a loss. We pray that we won’t have to endure another seventy years for “Justice.” We need everyone’s support in making sure that the Siblings of George Stinney Jr-Charles, Katherine and Amie het the closure that their parents did not live to see. We will not forget the two innocent girls who I’m sure are in Heaven with George waiting for the truth to come out. We believe that they as well, would want the “real” guilty parties revealed and justice finally served.

Norma Robinson (Stinney Family, Niece)


David Stout, (Writer Carolina Skeletons)
David Stout, (Writer Carolina Skeletons)

During the time I was doing the time of the research for the book, “Carolina Skeletons,” I read various statements from various local people in support of a clemency for George Stinney Jr sent to then South Carolina Governor Olin. The people who all seemed to me as good and decent because I noticed that they had shown an enormous amount of human compassion for George Stinney Jr. which was so unusual to me because it was the time of the Jim Crow Era in America but the statements represented how people of different ethnic and social backgrounds can understand one another and come together. David Stout, (Writer Carolina Skeletons)



It is our Prayer that South Carolina does right by means of Justice, and in the eyes of God, and clear the good name of George Stinney Jr. because George Stinney Jr. is innocent. (Family/Friends)

George Stinney Jr. Rest In Peace!

Georges Place Facebook Group

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