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My memories of the 70’s

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Altogether, the 70’s for me seemed to be a simpler time was a fantastic kinder, gentler time that brought us to a place-where culture stood in-between society.
The Jackson 5 1973 publicity shot.
         The Jackson 5 1973 publicity shot.
These were the days of the robot and the foxy dance, pet rocks, mood rings, water beds, and wild color. There were fads, changing times, and a few troublesome events. One of my favorite songs was Papillon (Aka Hot Butterfly)” by Chaka Khan. The fact that I was not old, and but as a five year old in 1979 -I was still aware of the world, and the fact that I had older siblings contributed greatly to my 70’s awareness.
With that said, what exactly did happen in the 70’s? Women’s liberation, more awareness toward nuclear activity, environmentalism, Disco Funk. P Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)” is a funk song by Parliament was the  hit of 1975 and I could remember- if you were cool you would be down with George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic.
My father Leroy brought a 1975 Buick and to us it was top notch! My father and I always knew when the old tube went out in our Zenith we had to run to the grocery store to get tubes for the TV. While I did want to editorialize my whole story-but also I wanted to share some other pictures of the era that brings back memories. (below)tvs
People’s awareness and anger over the race was minimal at this time and I could appreciate the rare times that I did not have to be exposed to anything that was seriously racial.  In any case- I hope these pictures give you some pleasure.
If you had a Green Machine you were one cool kid!
This Telephone was all the rage-The “Red” Commissioner Gordon Model was hot!
I learned the “peoples eye” from Lee Majors aka Steve Rodgers!
Okay get the Alcohol out for your Village People -YMCA-78″ would skip, seriously!
Sorry Chips-Y’all were always a little corny! -Okay a whole lot of corny. lol!
The macaroni soggy! the pea’s all mushed and the chicken taste like ______?
If you played Pong on this Atari you were set!
Serious “Booty” Busters! Right!
I stole all the love songs off the Radio Station WBMX with this one!
I saved the best for last! Playah, Playah-Right! “Young” Michael Jackson eat your heart out!
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