—Today the Guilty in Innocence Project along with the website Causes  announced its first campaign to Exonerate and correct the historical record of seemingly innocent young man

Press Release: Know Your Rights and Police Brutality Forum come to Chicago on King Birthday

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*******For Immediate Release*******

Chicago, Illinois On 1-17-2015-A One Day Know Your Rights Forum will be held at Governors State University in the Engbretson Hall. On the top of the order of program the expert panel will discuss the “Know Your Rights” and the effects of Police Brutality which is intended to examine this historically and seemingly unsolvable issue, by giving students and attendees a complete understanding of their rights in the legal system, when dealing with the police or the courts. Also on the agenda for discussion will be the effort for organizing civil rights advocates, around the issues  of Chicago, Ferguson, New York and growing community violence. The Coalition’s effort has been joined by Dr. Cornel West who will participate in select cities around the country.
During the conference the group will layout their plan for Solutions to Police Brutality. This years event closely marks the actual Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The event will be hosted by The Criminal Justice Student Society at Governors State University.
National Bar Association President Attorney Pamela Meanes will give her perspectives on the law, the courts and the relationship between the African-American community, as well as how African-Americans can protect themselves by knowing the law and their Constitutional rights. 
Pamela is the recipient of numerous awards including the Award of Merit from the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis; the Saint Louis University Black Law Student Association’s 2008 Outstanding Attorney Award; the Washington University of St. Louis Black Law Student Association 2008 Outstanding Achievement in Public Service Award.
Tio H
Tio Hardiman, Former Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate. Executive Director for CeaseFire Violence Interrupters, INC, has dedicated his life and career to community organizing for peace and social change. In 1999, Mr. Hardiman joined CeaseFire, an award-winning public health model that has been scientifically proven to reduce shootings and killings.Tio also created the Violence Interrupters in 2004.In 2008, under Tio’s direction, CeaseFire received additional funding from the State of Illinois to immediately expand from 5 to 15 communities and from 20 to 130 Outreach Workers and Violence Interrupters. Tio regularly gives perspectives to Huffington Post and CNN as a contributor. 
Reverend Gregg L Greer is a prominent member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (The Organization started by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and Greer works as the Chicago SCLC Office Vice President in addition to his Freedom First Organization. Gregg L Greer leads a National Civil Rights Coalition of Civil Rights members from several areas including Florida, California, Arizona and New York. 
Lastly While advocating on a national level Greer was an instrumental team member in overturning the execution of the Youngest Person Executed in US History-George Stinney Jr. Which resulted in an exoneration.
 For more Information on Greer use http://www.gregglgreer.com
Mark Clements
Mark Clements

Human Rights Advocate Mark Clements was 16-years-old when he was tortured into confessing to crimes he did not commit by police officers under the command of Jon Burge. He spent 27 years in prison for arson and murder–and was released after the true circumstances surrounding his “confession” came to light.

Clements was instrumental, in the prosecution of John Burge who reportedly tortured more than 200 criminal suspects between 1972 and 1991 in order to force confessions  after a jury found former Chicago police lieutenant Burge guilty of federal perjury and obstruction of justice charges for lying about torture. Today Mark is an instrumental leader with the Campaign to End the Death and has advocated on cases across America.

For Details on Mark

Also present will be Cynthia Lane the Chicago West Side  Mother who is protesting the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Roshad McIntosh in the Lawndale neighborhood this Past Fall. The shooting of McIntosh bares a close resemblance to the Mike Brown Ferguson case and has raised serious concerns in a city where police shootings take place with regularity and often prompt hard questions about whether they were justified.
For Details on the McIntosh Shooting Incident
*The conference will be held at 11:00 a.m. promptly inside of the Engbretson Hall at 1 University Parkway University Park, Il 60484*


To learn more about this event, please contact gregggreer72@gmail.com

or 321 355-0598

 Additional References: ​


Why We Believe the George Stinney Jr. trial was tainted from the start!

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One World

     George Stinney’s Family Speaks Out!  (Why We Believe the George Stinney Jr. trial was tainted from the start!)

 stinney_image ,2

Today- February 20, 2014, the Family and Advocates of George Stinney Jr. have decided to release an official statement with regards to their loved one. Their desire to release this statement is not an emotional appeal for empathy but rather our desire to make more public little known facts about this case and our feelings with having to endure this incident that will always be in the background of our lives. In addition this effort is to highlight our belief that we must not hide the past, but apologize for the past, and work toward a progressive future. While we are now fighting to correct this wrong, we want to hope for an America in which all American Citizens can welcome freedom and justice. (Family and Friends)


Clarendon County, South Carolina, -At fourteen years of age George Stinney Jr., a young boy with no criminal record in his entire life, who’s name now lives in infamy as the youngest person executed in U.S. History for the “alleged” murder of young two white girls. The case of George Stinney Jr. stinks of circumstantial, unproven and unsubstantiated prosecutorial testimony combined with a host of other injustices. The list of questionable factors is heavy, they include; a Governor who was an alleged White Supremacist , a Defense Tax lawyer who was not trained for Defense of Capital Cases-while preparing for an election that dropped the ball and totally misrepresented Stinney. Also don’t exclude the fact that the confession of George Stinney Jr. was never recorded in police files, and Detectives offered the boy ice cream once they were done-also that the statement appears to have been fabricated from start to finish. While these factors may be minimal to some we, believe-they are enough to show and prove that George Stinney Jr. had no chance of a fair trial, and that this case-was tainted from start to finish.


  • We believe that the Confession of George Stinney Jr. was a historic miscarriage of justice and according to witnesses and court records the confession of George Stinney Jr. does not exists in any public records. Three Sheriff’s offered the boy ice cream once they were done. While at the recent court hearing testimony from a child psychiatrist who said the confession, no matter what it said, is “not reliable.”Dr. Amanda Salas, a defense witness, said she reviewed what few documents remained from the case and interviewed Stinney family members to make her evaluation. Salas testified that Stinney was likely suggestible to the white prosecutors and law enforcement who were there for his confession. She also said George Stinney grew up in a culture and in a family that encouraged strict compliance to whites, which may have caused George Stinney to “cave” when questioned by the adults.
  • The confession…is best characterized as a coerced, compliant, false confession,” Salas said. the confession, no matter what it said, is “not reliable.”
  • Governor Olin D. Johnston (an alleged White Supremacist), was mainly responsible for the “railroading,” of this case
    It is believed that Governor Olin D. Johnston (an alleged White Supremacist), was mainly responsible for the “railroading,” of this case
    Our research has shown that Governor Olin D. Johnston (an alleged White Supremacist), was mainly responsible for the “railroading,” of this case- Johnson was in an election year and directly assigned the Police investigator Mr. S.J. Pratt from Columbia, South Carolina. Still despite many ongoing questions regarding the validity of the officers’ testimony and Stinney’s alleged confession from local (area) churches, the N.A.A.C.P., and unions who pleaded with Johnston to stop the execution and commute the sentence to life imprisonment, citing George Stinney’s age as a mitigating factor but he did not act, instead Johnston allowed the execution to take place. That spring, police details of Stinney’s alleged confession were swiftly routed to the governor’s office in Columbia. As clemency pleas came in to then-Gov. Olin Johnston, responded with the graphic false, fabricated details were never true claiming they were relayed to him by Mr. SJ Pratt: “George Stinney killed the smaller girl to rape the larger one. Then he killed the larger girl and raped her dead body. Twenty minutes later he returned and attempted to rape her again but her body was too cold.” That account, however, is in direct conflict with a recently found autopsy report that did not find evidence of a sexual attack. This account never happened.
    Johnston’s letter “had no basis in fact. It was a complete lie,”
    Johnston’s letter “had no basis in fact. It was a complete lie,”
  • Johnston’s letter “had no basis in fact. It was a complete lie,” said Manning attorney Ray Chandler, in a recent interview whose law firm is defending George Stinney. A review of the original autopsy report previously buried in state archives and a re-examining of events — potentially puts the case on new footing
  • Charles Plowden The court appointed 31-year-old Charles Plowden, a tax commissioner, to defend Stinney. “Plowden had political aspirations. Plowden who had never tried a capital case. Making matters worse, his court-appointed attorney was planning a run for office, putting him in a dangerous conflict of interest that ensured the inadequacy of George Stinney’s defense “Plowden was provide enough defense so that he could not be accused of incompetence, but not be so passionate that he would anger the local whites who may one day vote for him.”
  • The employment and Family relationships are (attached) they further the fact that George had no chance at a fair trial, because all of the inquest jurors were related or worked at the mill for Mr George Burke Sr. who was the mill foreman.
  • To this day, no physical evidence that George Stinney Jr. committed the crime exists. His trial — if you call it that —George was convicted and sentenced in one day of court which lasted less than two hours. Prosecution. No outside witnesses were called. No defense evidence was presented. The boy faced his sentence without (us) his family who were forced to move away from the city for fear of lynching from the angry mobs. Stinney Jr. was left to face trial alone 1,000 people-whites only crammed the South Carolina courthouse. Blacks weren’t allowed inside. The all-White jury deliberated for all of 10 minutes in between lunch before sentencing him to death by electrocution –All this constitutes cruel punishment.


Family and Advocate Statements:


Rev.Gregg L. Greer (Lead Advocate
Rev.Gregg L. Greer (Lead Advocate)

I along with many believe America is truly a “Great,” County, but we (Americans) must be interested in telling truth and not distorting history to suit our own ends. Let us rewrite this wrong, let us, correct history for the purpose of doing what is right. Stinney’s name must be cleared

Says, Gregg L Greer (Advocate member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference).


Sonja Eddy Williamson (Lead Advocate)
Sonja Eddy Williamson (Lead Advocate)


I pray George Stinney, Jr will be exonerated, even as   they took his life. It is never too late to clear one’s name and correct history. My dedicated support for George Stinney, Jr comes by the endless hours of research of the crime and the background of those involved. Please remember to include Judge Mullen in your prayers that she will pray over this case and know George was entitled to fairness. As a human being we all have rights no matter our age, race or social status. As a human we are all created the same and should be treated the same.

Said, Sonya Williamson (Advocate/Researcher for the case)


Aime Ruffner (Stinney Family, Sister of George)
Aime Ruffner (Stinney Family, Sister of George)

This is something that I know. I know my brother is innocent.”“Someone has to be the scapegoat,” Aime Stinney said. “My brother was the scapegoat.” Aime Stinney said she found peace a long time ago. “There is a God who sits high and looks low,” she said. “I know that anyone who had anything to do with this will have to come before a just God.”   Aime Ruffner (Stinney Family, Sister of George)


Norma Robinson (Stinney Family, Niece)
Norma Robinson (Stinney Family, Niece)

The Stinney Family only seeks “Justice”, “exoneration,” and nothing else. My Grandparents did not live to see the day when this case would be recalled to court. We pray the courts accept the evidence that we know has been known to the public all along, and if only people had looked, but given the time in South Carolina (Jim Crow Era) no one cared to seek the truth. The family strongly believes that documents, public records, and just plain common sense all clearly show that George Stinney Jr did not get a fair trial. Seventy years is a long enough time for any family to suffer such a loss. We pray that we won’t have to endure another seventy years for “Justice.” We need everyone’s support in making sure that the Siblings of George Stinney Jr-Charles, Katherine and Amie het the closure that their parents did not live to see. We will not forget the two innocent girls who I’m sure are in Heaven with George waiting for the truth to come out. We believe that they as well, would want the “real” guilty parties revealed and justice finally served.

Norma Robinson (Stinney Family, Niece)


David Stout, (Writer Carolina Skeletons)
David Stout, (Writer Carolina Skeletons)

During the time I was doing the time of the research for the book, “Carolina Skeletons,” I read various statements from various local people in support of a clemency for George Stinney Jr sent to then South Carolina Governor Olin. The people who all seemed to me as good and decent because I noticed that they had shown an enormous amount of human compassion for George Stinney Jr. which was so unusual to me because it was the time of the Jim Crow Era in America but the statements represented how people of different ethnic and social backgrounds can understand one another and come together. David Stout, (Writer Carolina Skeletons)



It is our Prayer that South Carolina does right by means of Justice, and in the eyes of God, and clear the good name of George Stinney Jr. because George Stinney Jr. is innocent. (Family/Friends)

George Stinney Jr. Rest In Peace!

Georges Place Facebook Group

(All supporting documents can be found on https://www.facebook.com/groups/theloveofgeorge/)  

For More information you may email One World editorial at One1worldtoday@gmail.com

 Gregg L. Greer a Public Speaker, Minister, and Social Activist Gregg Greer as the Editor of One World, and One World Today internet journals. you can reach him at one1worldtoday@gmail.com

Why the George Stinney Jr. case is an important signal for change in America

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George Stinney Jr. just prior to his execution.
George Stinney Jr. just prior to his execution.

By Greg Greer, Editor at Large, One world Journal


Hello, as one of the lead advocates, I (Gregg Greer) on the eve on one of the most important offensives in Human Rights History-Why? Because sadly, many people today gain their knowledge through T.V., movies, and the internet. But “Truth,” has been replaced with indoctrination. The result is a largely ignorant (unaware) public who then takes as gospel by what they see on the TV screen. There are those who know most people will never crack open a history text or read a biography, but they do know that people will take to heart the lies (untruth) fed to them, and yet they seek to hide our past.

George Stinney Rally. December 10, 2013 Manning, SC
George Stinney Rally. December 10, 2013 Manning, SC

This reworking of American history has been on going for decades. Many now know, and believe that the American Founding Fathers were not truly pure in their intentions. The sad tragic truth is with our history we have an American Government that portrays itself as a “Justice,” conductor but many only know of a Dark America that conspired to hide many documented cases of a goverment that widely oppressed those not in power. Even, to date government sanctioned violence against African-Americans and other minorities in the United States is readily common. So,what do we do about the research that has revealed thousands of lynching’s, including 150 documented cases of African-American women lynched in early America (Four of them were known to have been pregnant.) including the example brutal murder of Laura Nelson and her son, which was publicity condoned. (below, right)

Laura Nelson Murder.
Laura Nelson Murder.

Over the past few months-I heard horrible tales, from various sources of mass southern graves, of blacks murdered and made to dig their graves in public executions (sponsored) by Lawmen (police) officials who doubled as Ku Klux Klan, by night. 

Most people think that they know the truth. You can show them facts and figures, but that makes no impact on their reasoning. While, Hollywood works overtime (probably with union breaks) to make a strong legecy of  Presidents who were really weak in the eyes of the public and make the freedom fighters, look like Anti American Terrorist.

The George Stinney Case Jr. and the Scottsboro  Boys Case are all major examples of a publicly sanctioned and condoned injustice instituted by an insensitive cold America that allowed this type of behavior to exist unjustly for many years.

America’s past has an evil absolution that has no consequence at all  for change with the inauguration of  the President Obama Administration. However, America and the American public must “Break the Grip of Shame,” and acknowledge its role in loss of innocent life. I along with many believe America is truly a “Great,” County, but we (Americans) must be interested in telling truth and not distorting history to suit our own ends.


I must say I believe in America, but we must not hide the past, but apologize for the past, and work toward a progressive future. As we enter into a “new world,” a new day and age, we hope for an America in which all American Citizens can welcome positive change of freedom and justice for all. GLG


Greer is a member of the SCLC-Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Chair of the Guilty in Innocence Project spent 2 years in research of the case. We hope to write a final chapter in this case.  I’ve told my team that ultimately it must be our goal to protect human rights worldwide. As we enter into a new world a new day and age, we must look for change, too much pain, too many lives lost we must dedicate our lives to this cause..

                            You can reach Greer at .one1worldtoday@gmail.com

We know Chick-fil A is an “embattled,” establishment for Gays!-but are they, “Secretly” pushing an Anti Black Agenda as well?

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imagesCAZ4RH10 By Greg Greer, Editor at Large, One world Journal


This past week on Wednesday November 6, 2013-Dan Cathy’s (Owners Son) was promoted to CEO, and it was announced privately to company employees, but no formal public disclosure is planned at this time, a company spokesman said.

The company said Truett Cathy, (The founder) at age 92, nevertheless is in good health and that Dan Cathy’s progression to CEO is part of a succession to lead the company into the Future.  S. Truett Cathy, the founder, is an 89-year-old, Harley-riding Southern Baptist who started Chick fil A as a small diner near the Atlanta airport 1946. He closed the business on Sundays because he was a churchgoer who required a day to relax and be with his family.

Dan_Cathy (CEO)
Dan_Cathy (CEO)

Specialists say New CEO Dan Cathy will be compelled to restrain tendencies to speak out about private and personal views that have thrust the company into the cultural battle and made dining at Chick-fil-A a wedge problem for some. One Example, Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” on August 1, 2012 was set for “conservatives” (who confuse Christian belief as axiomatically conservative opinion) to show those leftist liberals pushing gay marriage a thing or two about collected consumer power from the “right.”

Dan Cathy Anti Gay Statement;

On June 16, 2012, while on the syndicated radio talk show, The Ken Coleman Show, Chick-fil-A president and then Chief Operating officer (COO) Dan Cathy Cathy stated:

“I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage’. I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about.”

Dan Cathy also will face strategic resolutions on international development as the chain seeks to maintain its lofty extension and growth. Chick-fil-A runs 1,530 eateries in 39 states, but it still feels like a hometown restaurant to fans in Georgia, which has 189 outlets. Sales numbers beyond 2012 will most likely be over $3.5 billion a year, a spokesman said.

Questionable Franchise Practices

The organization’s Christian culture and its strict contracting practices, which require potential operators to review their marital status and civic and church involvement, had attracted debate before, a 2002 lawsuit brought by a Muslim restaurant owner in Houston who said he was fired because he did not pray to Jesus with other operators at a training session. The suit was settled.

A 10 year Sample Study conducted by the St.Petersburg Times shows the locations are 80 percent in the White Suburbs with little to no locations in Black Areas?

Screen shot 2012-08-03 at 3_36_20 PM

Looking at the area of Georgia’s 196 locations (those that were first opened in Clayton County when it was 90 percent white in the 1980s are outliers, with Riverdale, Jonesboro, Morrow, and Forest Park massively Black and those that were “grandfathered in” in East Point); the establishment – in some cases a fabled “Dwarf House” being remnants of past civilization while the surrounding area becomes littered with liquor, Title Loan stores, and pawn shops), it is striking how those “thriving communities with high social capital” that Chick-fil-A Owners/Operators invest are amazingly and overwhelmingly white.

Screen shot 2012-08-03 at 3.36.08 PM

So is The business model of Chick-fil-A…. Racist? Does it conform to the method that was laid out in theory of the Affordable Family Formation (cities with Chick-fil-A’s tend to actually have thriving communities)? Should the Department of Justice look into the locations of Chick-fil-A’s because of some sort of disparate impact in where they open, considering that the clientele that Owners/Operators tend to cater to is overwhelmingly white?

Chick-fil-A is reliant on strong communities (which, coincidentally, means white communities) to exist and prosper.By controlling certain variables (hospitals weren’t counted; nor were malls, considering that they have a tendency to go from catering to a majority white clientele to a majority Black clientele in a matter of years) it became a comedy of errors in seeing where Chick-fil-A decides to open up stores.

 You decide:

Outside of Chick-fil-A’s in areas that went from majority white to majority Black (thus, grandfathered in), the company has a business model that can be accurately described by many as “discriminatory management practices,” or even go so far as to say racist. GLG

Gregg L. Greer a Public Speaker, Minister, Life Coach and Social Activist Gregg Greer as the Editor of One World, and One World Today internet journals. you can reach him at one1worldtoday@gmail.com

The 20th Anniversary of world Human Rights Day 2013. Human Rights group will Rally on December 10, 2013 , to request “Presidential Pardon,” for the Youngest Person executed in U.S. History

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imagesCAZ4RH10                                                By Greg Greer, Editor at Large, One world Journal


World Human Rights Day 2013 has special significance in this 20th anniversary year of the establishment of the mandate of the U.N. Proclamation for Human Rights. On December 10, 2013 various Southern Christian Leadership Conference members, civil rights activist and human rights organizations will join hundreds of demonstrators at a scheduled peace vigil outside the Clarendon County Courthouse, in Manning South Carolina where George Stinney Jr. The youngest Person Executed in U.S. History was originally sentenced to death. Their effort is to underscore in tone-one single message “that, as a global community, it’s time to come together and  support justice for George Stinney Jr,” said Gregg L Greer a S.C.L.C/ Freedom First Member, and the Rally Organizer.

George Stinney Jr. just prir to his execution.
George Stinney Jr. just prior to his execution on June 16, 1944

This 5’1, 95-lb. African-American boy was sent to the electric chair for allegedly killing two young white girls on Friday, March 24, 1944. The day authorities said 11-year-old Betty June Binnicker and Mary Emma Thames, 8, went missing and were murdered. Their bodies were found underwater in a creek the next morning. By midday, George Stinney had been arrested. So literally George Stinney Jr. was given a tax commissioner as a defense lawyer. The confession of George Stinney, Jr. was never recorded in police files. Detectives offered the boy ice cream to confess.  Stinney was convicted and sentenced in one day of court. The boy faced his sentence without family who was forced to move away from the city for fear of lynching’s from the angry mobs. Stinney Jr. would be left to face trial alone 1,000 people crammed the courthouse.

Denise Bell, a mother of three and teacher from Charlotte, North Carolina is attending the Rally because she believes that the court system  worked against Stinney. “Everything about this case seems unfair, I feel he (Stinney) was unjustly punished, by the courts, and not given a chance at all to prove his innocence,” I pray that no-one in my family ever has to go through something like this.”    

 Rally to organize a petition for “Presidential Pardon,” for the Youngest Person executed in U.S. History
Rally to organize a petition for “Presidential Pardon,” for the Youngest Person executed in U.S. History

 We don’t care if it happened 60 or 500 years ago.” said, Organizer Gregg Greer

“Not only are we requesting the President to activate the Pardon, but we are inviting the Nikki R. Haley Governor of South Carolina to respond,”  “We will send a clear direct message to the nation that we’re not going to sit back and let our children be slaughtered and don’t say anything about it.” “So, the people involved who will come out to support this cause: are white, black, brown, and they are tired of the growing senseless community violence.  There’s a mixture of people involved and everybody will come out to support God-given, Human Rights.” according to Greer


In the recent wake of Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis, and growing number of failed Criminal Justice cases-The organizers goal is to have a peaceful dialog to bring continued attention to this case and community violence. Historical researchers and Death penalty opponents often cite the case of the 5-foot-1, 95-pound Stinney, who was electrocuted in the old Central Correction Institute in Columbia on June 16, 1944-At 14 years, seven months and 29 days, because he was the youngest person legally executed in the United States in the 20th century


About four years ago, George Frierson, a member of Clarendon School District 3’s Board of Trustees and a community activist began collecting newspaper articles, death certificates and other documents, as well as anything related to the case that he could put his hands on.  We know that, “A Clarendon County jury came back with a verdict, but it was the state that killed George Stinney,” said George Frierson. For Frierson, a 56-year-old father of four and an Alcolu native, “This was a 14-year-old boy “I look at the sadness of this,” he said. “We want to see if this merits reopening this case,” Frierson said.

For the record-The UN General Assembly proclaimed 10 December as Human Rights Day in 1950, to bring to the attention ‘of the people of the world’ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all people and all nations. Historically World Human Rights Day continues the celebration of the anniversary with 20 YEARS: WORKING FOR YOUR RIGHTS as its theme but with the emphasis on the future and identifying the challenges that lie ahead.

 Rally will be at 10:00 AM:  Clarendon County Court House Grounds 102 South Mills St. Manning, SC 29102
Dec 10, 2013 Rally will be at 10:00 AM: Clarendon County Court House Grounds 102 South Mills St. Manning, SC 29102

 When speaking about George Stinney and the case, “This isn’t something that I just believe,” Stinney’s sister, Aime L. Stinney, like his other family members, didn’t believe it then, and she doesn’t believe it now.  The 72-year-old Newark, N.J., woman said from her home in a recent interview. “This is something that I know. I know my brother is innocent.”

“Someone has to be the scapegoat,” Aime Stinney said. “My brother was the scapegoat.” Aime Stinney said she found peace a long time ago.

“There is a God who sits high and looks low,” she said. “I know that anyone who had anything to do with this will have to come before a just God.”

 According to Organizer, Gregg Greer, “We must began to correct the past and work toward the future. Where are our governments!!!-Where are the moral voices?!!!! We need to stop these disgraceful practices that are truly evil in nature. “ We encourage everyone to Fight with us!!!  Rally will be at 10:00 AM:  Clarendon County Court House Grounds 102 South Mills St. Manning, SC 29102. You can also sign the online petition at https://www.causes.com/campaigns/34389-exonerate-george-stinney-jr-at-14-the-youngest-person-executed-in-us-history.

For More information you may email One World editorial at One1worldtoday@gmail.com

 Gregg L. Greer a Public Speaker, Minister, and Social Activist Gregg Greer as the Editor of One World, and One World Today internet journals. you can reach him at one1worldtoday@gmail.com

Police are Killing Citizens!-What’s the Truth behind the Sudden outbreak! (Privilege and Control Theory)

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By Gregg L.Greer, Editor One World (Journal)

This past month, It was a privilege for me (Gregg L. Greer) to write about Denika Chatman, someone whom I see as a, “hero,”  and currently, she is preparing to take the national stage in a “Historical Run for State Senator District 3 California. I was introduced to Ms. Chatman two years ago due to the tragic circumstance of the death of her son, “Kenneth Harding Jr.” who was killed in July of 2011 by San Francisco Police in a progression of very unfortunate events.
Bobby Henning-shot and killed by a LA sheriff's deputy Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012
Bobby Henning-shot and killed by a LA sheriff’s Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012
Denika Chatman
Denika Chatman
Also, this week I began conversations with the family of Robert “Bobby” Henning,  another California young man who was shot and killed by a Los Angeles County Sheriff‘s Deputy Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012 also a California Mother La Mesha Irizarry her son Idriss Stelley was shot dead with 48 bullets from 9 San Francisco policemen. While, most people in communities think that overall there are many “good,” Police Officers, and feel very safe in communities around the country, also people believe Police overall do a great job in protection of the community, lately, many communities are also expressing some anger and disappointment when hearing of the growing amount of “Police Kill, excessive force incidents across the county. “Standout,” communities with a high incident rate of “Police Kill,” incidents are Florida, and most of the State of California, especially the San Fransisco Bay Area.
Guilty in Innocence Project (Final)
Gregg Greer, chair of the Guilty in Innocent Project, states, “ I Strongly urge and understand that most of the incidents are due to an invisible code of ethics called “The Thin Blue Line.” Proponents of the symbol (code) assert that the Blue Line is meant to show support for police like the-Fraternal Order of Police Bumper Stickers. Greer also states “In opposition-those who know of the “Thin Blue Line,” feel that this standard is “extremely,” questionable and is a code that compels a bad police or bad group of police to obey their own makeshift set of laws binding only to themselves.”  “They are becoming like a “Gang,” states, Greer
Well Known Police Blue Line Slogan Sticker
Well Known Police Blue Line Slogan Sticker
Many people in communities strongly feel that, Police make the difference legal at their own discretion.
Here are the basics;
  • 1. The thin blue line represents the thin line Police Officers walk daily between life and death.
  • 2. The thin blue line represents the police officer role of separating the good from the bad while creating order from chaos.
  • 3.The thin blue line on black is a memorial or a connection or memory between Officers killed in the line of Duty and those who continue with their duties in the present.
Pretty similar to the “Thin Blue Line,” is that states including,  Florida, California, and Virginia have The Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBR or LEOBoR) which is meant to protect American law enforcement personnel from unreasonable investigation and persecution caused by extraordinary circumstances in the official performance of their duties, and provides them with special privileges not enjoyed by other Americans accused of crimes. It was first set forth in 1974, following Supreme Court rulings in the cases of Garrity v. New Jersey (1967).
Police Sprays witnesses during demonstration
Police Sprays witnesses during demonstration



Police Bill of Rights-Florida, California, West Virginia

The Bill of Rights while is a tough standard to break, as Community Coalitions like the California Champaign to stop Police Brutality, and other citizens rights groups start to advocate with public awareness the more, officials are prone to act, within the interest of the public.

Police Bill of Rights (Funny)
California Police Bill of Rights


Example, when Sanford, Florida, Police Chief Bill Lee (above), who drew criticism for his department’s actions in the Trayvon Martin case, was fired for his failure to respond. June of 2012. “After much thoughtful discussion and deep consideration for the issues facing the city of Sanford, I have determined the police chief needs to have the trust and respect of the elected officials and the confidence of the entire community,” City Manager Norton Bonaparte said in a news release.
“We need to move forward with a police chief that all the citizens of Sanford can support. I have come to this decision in light of the escalating divisiveness that has taken hold of the city.”
Gregg Greer As, the current Chair of the Guilty in Innocence Project, which is a growing Human Rights Protection Organization-we believe strongly that when we raise awareness and concern about the failings of our criminal justice system, we can put in place “checks and balances that go far toward prevention of community misconduct especially from sworn officers.  Greer states, ”
“Privilege and Control Theory”

Today to prevent the growing concerns of Police Misconduct, The Guilty in Innocence Project (This Week) has initiated a research project concept, called, “Privilege and Control Theory” which is based on what we believe-that some Police  who have long-term exposure to small incidents of violence daily increase aggressive thoughts, angry feelings, physiological arousal and aggressive behaviors, and decreases helpful behaviors. The basics are;

  • 1. Police habituate or ‘get used to’ all the violence and eventually become physiologically numb to it.
  • 2. “Thin Blue Line,” misrepresents the police officer role of “Effective Community Policing,” and separating the good from the bad while creating order from chaos. Which long-term causes them to take on a Master-Slave like mentality, and once this idealism is permeated some officers are willing to go above the law to the extent of murder.”
  • 3. Officers need an effective systematic violence desensitization tool, “in addition to yearly mental health evelauations” 
  • 4. Also, the internal 800 Police misconduct Alert lines must be well-known thought out communities.
  • 5. When a fatality is involved from a police related “Killing,” The review board  (investigating) should be a Non Department, State or federally certified unit. (Not in most of California)
(Anyone who believes in the “Thin Blue Line or The Police Bill of Rights should read)
Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”
 "Letter from a Birmingham Jail  April  16,1963

“Letter from a Birmingham Jail
April 16,1963
We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was “legal” and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was “illegal.” It was “illegal” to aid and comfort a Jew in Hitler’s Germany. Even so, I am sure that, had I lived in Germany at the time, I would have aided and comforted my Jewish brothers. If today I lived in a Communist country where certain principles dear to the Christian faith are suppressed, I would openly advocate disobeying that country’s antireligious laws.” Dr. King Later in the letter stated, “law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and that when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.” 
Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.    
What you can you do?
You can find a community organization, like The Guilty in Innocence Project,  or the  California Champaign to stop Police Brutality (On FaceBook) and ask questions, and get training. You can reach the GuiltyinInnocenceProject@gmail.com or call 704 712-1972
In short, “Whether or not Policy makers would continue to protect The Police Bill of Rights, or the Thin Blue Line, is mainly a public policy question, not an exclusively legal one. Also, when citizens are reacting in mass numbers to policy with interests contrary to the rights of others or the interests of the whole community, then-this type of injustice should be intolerable to every American, or human being. Lastly, if innocent people are imprisoned or, worse, being put to death for crimes that they did not commit, it is a facet of our society that eventually will inflame our society..”  Love, and Peace.  GLG
G.GreerGregg L. Greer a Public Speaker, Minister, and Social Activist Gregg Greer as the Editor of One World, and One World Today internet journals. you can reach him at one1worldtoday@gmail.com