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On April 8, 2014 The Southern Christian Leadership Conference Florida Leaders and various Civil Rights Groups to Rally on the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida in Opposition of Stand Your Ground, and Community Violence.

 Tallahassee, Florida -on April 8, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.– Will be a day to remember for Human Rights Groups in Florida.Break The Grip of Shame.” is the main theme that will resonate and on this day and it will have special significance because our effort is to underscore in one harmonic tone- message “that, as a global community, it’s time to come together and support justice.,” “Justice For the Marissa Alexander , for Jordan Davis and those like him!”  said, Gregg L. Greer a Southern Christian Leadership Conference/ Freedom First Member, and the Rally Organizer. This Rally is for “All” of America! also, deserving of mention, is that this day will be a multi national effort joined by other groups from around the country. So far the list includes California, Virginia, New York.

In a recent interview, Reverend Reginald Gundy -Florida State President from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference called Florida the last “Birmingham” of the South.” “The government does not respect us. The legislative body neglects us,” he continued, saying that it may be time to put “boots on the ground,” which might mean going after the economic system in the state, though he did not specify how that might happen. When The Southern Christian Leadership Conference was co-founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his mostly “Minister,” Associates-their main goal was to form an organization to coordinate and support nonviolent direct action as a method, with the same principle in mind, the official Statement for the “Break the Grip of Shame Effort” is as follows: 

“People have to gain a understanding of the law and due process, We want this law totally “repealed”  because in communities around the country-it has proven to lead to many miscarriages of justice,” ” We have to look to correct these injustices, and our start is to help people follow the law,” Not bring mass confusion into the communities.”  While we wholeheartedly endorse all  of the great efforts (Rally’s)  in the weeks prior, we must strongly urge that this Rally is a Peace Demonstration for America which will be followed by a “Direct Action Program.”

This is our rally, your rally. We are going to Florida’s State Capitol to demand that the unethical, cruel and unjust violence within America’s be brought to an end, now and permanently- with that mindset-Stand Your Ground is our starting point.  (In the coming days-further Details will Follow).  (Invitation Attached) 

Daily itinerary of the events is as follows

 1. April 8, 9:30 a.m. Rally begins at The State Capitol of Florida, Waller Park. (Various Speakers will be announced)

2.  4:00pm Human Rights Youth Forum (Location to be announced).

3. Town Hall Forum (To be announced)


  For more information-Please Call 855 612-7771 (Leave Message)


Gregg Greer


813 712-9754


855 712-7771






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