One World-Press Release-Organizers will conduct a seniors forum to protest the Illinois Governor’s proposed budget cuts

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*******For Immediate Release*******

 Subject:              Organizers will conduct a Friday afternoon forum for Seniors mostly to protest the Governor’s proposed budget cuts
 Event Name:      (Through the eyes if a senior have you forgotten about us.)
Contact:                     Gregg L Greer
What:                          Forum for Seniors
When:                         Friday July, 10 2015 from 12:00 Noon
Where:                        New Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church 8130 Racine Ave Chicago, IL 60620
Specifics for
Media:                        200 seniors are expected on location/ Many Seniors are confused about Governor Rauner’s budget cuts.

Chicago, IL -{07/9/2015}- Organizers will conduct a Friday afternoon forum for Seniors mostly to protest the governor’s proposed budget, which includes deep cuts for social service agencies. The panel will consist of community leadership, and Faith leadership. This Senior Coalition want to be a resource to provide different situations related to seniors in the Chicago land area. Also included with the days dialog are specialist in the health concerns of aging.

Illinois is only as strong as its families and communities are more than line items in a spread sheet; they are schools and small businesses, students and senior citizens. Many of the guest (panelist) feel that the Governor’s policies will almost zero families and communities out -they are the glue that hold this state together.  Seniors’ issues usually means Medicare and Social Security and how much to spend on them. That needs to change, The pressure of demographics will turn plenty of more mundane things into serious seniors’ issues. They would need better coordination and development of services designed to improve the quality of life of older adults residing in Cook County.

Again, “Our effort is to help communities understand that it in our belief Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner should try to solve the state’s problems by working to find common ground with the communities, or should he take a less confrontational approach with the civic organizations, unions,  and Democrats in trying to solve this state’s many problems,” said Gregg L Greer Organizer



To learn more about this event, please contact gregggreer72@gmail.com

or 321 355-0598

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Is Today’s Church Failing to get the message out!

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For over 100 years now we the church has been sending out missionaries to be pastors of churches, and thus God’s order has been reversed. Our methods as a “Church,” have not been scriptural. Hence, the world is majorly still evangelized in spite of all our efforts


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By Gregg L Greer, Editor for One World
ChurchFor over 100 yearsnow we thechurch has beensending out missionaries to be pastors of churches, andthus God’s order has beenreversed. Our methods as a “Church,” have not beenscriptural. Hence, theworld is majorly stillevangelized in spite of all our efforts. How will thechurchequipthenextgeneration of leadersforthetask of proclaimingthegospel in the global world that is evennow upon us?
Paul, thegreatestandmostsuccessfulmissionarytheworld has everknown, did not become a pastor, or a bishop. Hetravelled, preached, wonconverts, organizedchurches, placed them under leadership, andpassed on. Hedid not attempt to changethemannersandcustoms of thepeople. The Gospel, wherenecessary, did

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Is Today’s Church Failing to get the Message out!

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By Gregg L Greer, Editor for One World
ChurchFor over 100 years now we the church has been sending out missionaries to be pastors of churches, and thus God’s order has been reversed. Our methods as a “Church,” have not been scriptural. Hence, the world is majorly still evangelized in spite of all our efforts. How will the church equip the next generation of leaders for the task of proclaiming the gospel in the global world that is even now upon us?
Paul, the greatest and most successful missionary the world has ever known, did not become a pastor, or a bishop. He travelled, preached, won converts, organized churches, placed them under leadership, and passed on. He did not attempt to change the manners and customs of the people. The Gospel, where necessary, did that. He placed responsibility upon the faithful, made the churches he established were self-supporting and self-propagating, and that from the very start of his mission. He founded no colleges, built no hospitals and erected no church buildings. The faithful provided for their own needs.
Is this Message for People of Faith? Westboro Baptist Church
Is this Message for People of Faith?
Westboro Baptist Church

The message

Our “Divine” call is to “Go ye therefore and teach all nations” (Matt. 28:19), however, this command does not, in this situation, specify of what this teaching is to consist.  Accordingly, the church must have a clear direct message, despite the failure of many churches relative to this duty has led many folks to the belief that the church is nothing more than some an exclusive club that endures for no other purpose than to entertain its followers. Because of the washed down Christianity of the present day, it is unknown even by numerous believers who are nominally Christians that there is a message of help and hope which has been committed to the churches.

The Modern Church Problem
While in seminary and my earlier days as a young minister, I made a careful study of missionary methods. In many churches, I find missionaries acting as pastors of Independent churches, a thing unknown in Scripture. In one church, for instance, I visited-a number of leaders who had been long-term members, in some cases, 20, 25 and even 30 years, installed a strange tradition that they prayed over the money with one pointed finger, That finger afterward when pointed at you, becomes a symbolic blessing. The Pastor had settled down and after preaching for some time, had won a number of converts, whom they had organized into a church. During all these years, they had remained themselves in charge of themselves as pastors. Consequently their influence had not been felt beyond the confines of their local work.
Are me loosing the Youth of the Church
Are we loosing the Youth of the Church?
                                                                   Youth of the Church

In many churches-I visited I found a number of missionaries who had become pastors, who were unwilling to allow their youth, gifted though they were to go into the mother church and mentor. They (youth) were not allowed room to grow and most important we did not train them correctly in order to evangelize other youth of the community.

I do not mean to insinuate that these churches have not done good workBut after 20, 25 and 30 years of service we have to accept the fact that in our communities and in our country in which we have labored for so long, and in some cases even the local city (next block) in which they live and preach, is still (un)evangelized and crime filled. What a tragedy! They became pastors of churches instead of evangelists.

What then should they have done? We all should have followed the example of Paul. We should have kept the evangelization constantly in mind, adopting the scriptural methods that would have made this possible. The main business, the one and only business of the evangelist, is to train workers, and put responsibility upon them. We should always be appointed as evangelists or teachers according to their gifts and sent forth to evangelize. We should not be ordained as pastors and elders and placed in charge of churches, until they gained proving ground in evangelicalism. Every church should not be self-governing, and just as a hive when it repeatedly swarms not producing year after year….then a succession plan should be made!
Have People of Faith failed??
Have People of Faith failed??

I know, you may or may not agree with all that I have said. But one thing you cannot deny. Thus far, we have failed greatly to evangelize the “Faithful.” Then we must admit that something is wrong. I think we must all agree that our plan isn’t working. Then why not consider another? A plan tried and tested by the Early Church. A plan through which the Holy Spirit can operate. God‘s plan. God‘s way!

Peace, and Love

Pastor, Gregg Greer 

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