L.Michelle “On the Watch” Commentary: Help or Judgement! What would you do?

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I recently saw kids huddled together last night around 7ish. I was about to get out my car when these two kids started walking toward my car. I was on business so i had to get out. By then they were right by my car passenger door. I got out and walked around my car and I watched them watch me. Then…They said, ma’am, we need $5 dollars to get on the train we short. I said let, me get back to you when I handle this business. I went in where I was going. I came out they ran back when they saw me get in my car and stood feet from the door watching me. Now to most that would be very intimidating and alarming and it was. But I kept my eyes on them as they watched me. Got out. Walked around the car gave them the $5 dollars. I told them “yall better not be out here on nothing bogus-” Do the right thing!  The girl said, “yes ma’am,”.. and I heard her say as she got the money and walked away. “cool got it, Let’s go,”.. and they started walking toward the train…


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Here’s the moral of the story…. As for me… When I encounter anyone asking for help.. if I can, I usually do. I don’t judge or worry about the true intention of the beggar. My own intention and heart is pure when I share whatever it is.. and, let the intention of the ill-intentioned fall where it may!.

I ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO SAFETY FIRST! Other than that for all you judgemental, nose upturned, memorized the bible but don’t, live it, ” holy rollers”, in the bible even Jesus asserted himself among the disadvantaged, the drunks, whores, thieves, etc etc to witness to them….isn’t that right? Well, why do you judge who and what you support.. in my story I thought that could’ve been, my kid out, there stranded needing $5 dollars to get home.. and thank GOD that someone came along who pushed past the intimidating factors to help him..or even your kid!! Come on, folks. Judge not or cast the first stone!!!! (LMJ)

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One World Welcomes our “newest Columnist” L.Michelle Jones. Lynn is a crusader, a social media commentator and an authority on living healthy lifestyles. L.Michelle, whose column will run one a week, in OneWorld01.com.  Please Feel Free to leave a comment or send a email L.Michelle at one1worldtoday@gmail.com

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The Necessity of Urban Christian Leadership

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The Necessity of Urban Christian Leadership

By Gregg L Greer, One World
Concentrated Urban Leadership is greatly needed in modern age
Concentrated Urban Leadership is greatly needed in the modern age

In today’s modern age-The growing need for Urban Christian Leadership has emerged out of the reality of the poor, and the downtrodden, in our society and in communities across the world who live in their existence seven days each week and 24 hours a day. If we would just imagine for a second the correlation between poverty and lack of leadership in Urban Communities across the country-Then we could more or less address the core issues more efficiently and perhaps we could say if we had “more” of solid leadership to represent us, then our state of wellness might change.
The series “The Necessity of Urban Christian Leadership.” is sponsored and facilitated by the Urban Christian leadership Institute, and it is our opening season effort that will present the viewpoint of multiple Leaders, from around the country these specialist are, civic, faith, and political leaders as well as educators. Our study will focus on three major areas that have affected the ideas that people have with concerns to Urban Christian Leadership quality or lack of;

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Poverty in a Spiritual Sense
A well noted Peruvian Theologian and Dominican Priest Gustavo Gutierrez who is regarded as the Founder of Liberation Theology in his writings help us establish our theory for “For Poverty in a Spiritual Sense” for Gutierrez the problem increases when one sees that among the poor there is an “absence of recognition of their own human dignity and of their condition as daughters and sons of God.”
Poverty in a Social Sense
Despite all the technological advancements of the age and a continuous increase in the average level of current indications of well-being, poverty has persisted as an extremely serious problem and is rising in various sectors of the planet, including some of the greatest industrialized countries. Increasingly, it has forced itself upon the attention of the international community and presents a problem for any leadership to engage. The question is why?

Many would ask What is the need for leadership in Urban communities, and why are we focusing on Christian leadership, as opposed to the whole spectrum of leadership, or lack thereof?

Urban Christian leaders must be determined to demonstrate their engagement in the community and how to lead their people in essential ‘hope messages,’ in order to secure the word of truth in the presence of hardship.
At first, that may mean slower faith extension, but at some point the very declaration of the church is promoting a true community in the midst of tribalism, which may be the spiritual indication of God in which renders hope for the dying urban city

What you and I should want (need) the people at home to think about during this study series is that when times are tough , and people are frustrated and angry and hurting and uncertain, the politics of constant conflict may feel like a remedy. This does not necessarily work in the real world. Definitely, what works in the real world is cooperation. Urban Christian Leaders must understand with clarity that what works in the real world is cooperation, business and government, foundations and universities.

We have to inspire a New American Citizen in urban communities who believes with no doubt that we can build the American Dream, with real opportunities accompanied by fundamental fairness for all and for poor folks to work their way into it. Over the next six months our efforts will take around the country, with interviews and educational training from the brightest minds today. urbanchristianleadershipinst@gmail.com or call 855 612-7771

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Gregg Greer a Public Speaker, Minister, and Social Activist Gregg Greer as the Editor of One World, and One World Today internet journals. you can reach him at one1worldtoday@gmail.com.