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For Immediate Release: Civil Rights Activist to Call for Chicago Officials to remove Superintendent McCarthy!

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For Immediate Release:

Civil Rights Activist to Call for Chicago Officials to remove Superintendent McCarthy!

I agree with the calls to relieve Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy
I agree with the calls to relieve Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

Chicago, IL, On Wednesday 10-7-2015, 10:00.a.m at Chicago City Hall, A coalition of Community Activist will call for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to fire police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, believing the city’s top cop hasn’t done enough to deal with crime in their communities or bring more diversity to the upper ranks of the department.

A City Hall News Conference will include many of the civil rights activist who additionally are frustrated with the high level of community violence -The call for McCarthy’s dismissal comes two days after many city aldermen have asked for McCarthy to be removed in their words “the police superintendent who has borne much of the criticism for stubbornly high violent crime in their wards.”

The request for changes are being made as Chicago continues to be hit hard by violence, with September posting the most homicides for that month in 13 years and the most killings for any month in 2015. Through Sept. 27, homicides and shooting incidents have risen 21 percent from the year-earlier period, official department numbers show.

Where: Chicago City Hall 2nd Floor

Time: Today 10-7-15 10:00am

Contact: Gregg L Greer-321 355-0598





Tamir Rice’s Family asks for aggravated murder charge against Cleveland Officer Timothy Loehmann-Statement

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*******For Immediate Release*******


Tamir Rice’s Family asks for aggravated murder charge against Cleveland Officer Timothy Loehmann-Statement


I along with a growing number of people in communities around the country truly believe Tamir’s life was taken due to the careless-cold hearted actions of two individuals. We also believe it was truly bad police work,- many times citizen shootings have shown the officers seem likely to follow a “shoot first, ask questions later” strategy and these officers are rarely investigated and brought to justice. Tamir was only 12 years old when the Police Officer shot him- We are now calling for any/every good hearted human being to assist us in our effort to hold  these officers to account for their wrong doing.


We believe the officers seem to have ignored the state’s most fundamental duties which police officers, as agents of the state, must comply with- that is carrying out their law enforcement duty, to protect life!

In addition, we agree with the recent U.S. Department of Justice report that found the Cleveland Police Department to have a “pattern or practice of unreasonable and unnecessary use of force,” and has repeatedly violated the civil rights of local residents, and routinely fails to adequately investigate law enforcement for wrongdoing has added daily to the growing level of discontent.”


With that being said, “I along with my advocacy team stand with the effort for aggravated murder charges against Cleveland Police Officer Timothy Loehmann and I will support any effort that will brings an end to police abuse of citizens.” Join us-In the days ahead as we intentionally raise our efforts in our fight for Tamir.


Samaria Rice


For Immediate Release: [Mother of Tamir Rice to visit Chicago for Press Conference and Peace Walk]

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Gregg L Greer, President Freedom First Int. USA

Justice for Tamir Rice “Lead Advocate”


321 355-0598 Main contact


[Press Release]






 [Mother of Tamir Rice to visit Chicago for Press Conference and Peace Walk]

[“Fight for Life” Initiative for Tamir Rice Justice Foundation]




Chicago, IL,  Friday On 8-21-2015, The Mother of Tamir Rice (12-year-old shot/killed in Cleveland Ohio by Cleveland, Police), Samaria Rice and the Justice for Tamir “Lead Advisers” will conduct a Press Conference at Chicago City Hall (Details below),which will include a meeting with multiple civil rights activists in addition to the local mothers of children who have suffered from community violence. A significant part of the Tamir Rice Justice Foundation’s effort will be devoted to responding to growing violence toward children (youth) which is a primary reason for the visit.


Samaria Rice’s visit comes during a wave of local, national, and international protests as residents, activists and community leaders have taken to the streets to draw attention to what they say is a pattern of police abuse, mainly against African-Americans. According to Tio Hardiman Nation Team advisor, “We would hope that the community can come together and find every possible way to address the serious community violence, that we are now facing,” we have  to change our condition it has to happen, now not later.” 


“The recent deaths by police shootings and community violence … have brought to the surface some hugely important concerns about race, disparity in treatment, about use of force and, ultimately, about trust,”  we must begin to connect the dots between Cleveland, Chicago, Texas, New York and other states, “our most urgent call must be for reform. The deaths of our youth must stop. Samaria Rice and the Tamir Rice Justice foundation wants to ensure that they do their part.”  According to Gregg L. Greer Lead Advisor, Freedom First International, S.C.L.C.


Other Local activist that are is part of the Justice for Tamir Rice-National Advocacy Team include Tio Hardiman, Violence Interrupters, Camiella D. WIlliams, and Attorney Billy Joe Mills, Firm Equity, also supporting will be Chicago Activist Mark A Clements.

Amnesty International (members)
Stop Mass Incarceration Network
The Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
Violence Interrupters
Freedom First International
McCormick Chamber of Commerce (CEDA)
Advocates for the Wrongly Convicted
and more



The Press Conference will start at 10:00am on Friday August 21, 2015 at City Hall 121 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago Illinois 60602 on the second Floor.


Press Release: Civil Rights Group and Families of Police Brutality Victims Urge GOP Debate to Address Discriminatory Policing

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August 6, 2015

For Immediate Release: August 6, 2015 (Reissue)

Contact: Michele Setteducato, 732-614-3818,

Samaria Rice, Mother of Tamir Rice, issued the following statement:
“I agree with ColorofChange’s efforts and support any effort that assists with bringing an end to police violence. We believe that many people nationwide stand with us in our call for justice for Tamir Rice. Our city’s ongoing refusal to take responsibility and indict the officers can only continue to spark moral outrage in the local Cleveland community and communities across our country. We must do all we can to prevent the pattern and practice of unreasonable and unnecessary use of force and the repeated violations our civil rights.”
John Crawford Sr., father of John Crawford issued the following statement:“We are continuing to relentlessly pursue justice and reform of the criminal justice system, in efforts to vindicate the victims and hold accountable the wrongdoers of egregious acts of violence. We support ColorOfChange’s billboards campaign and call on elected leaders to do everything in their power to stop the crisis of discriminatory policing.”


Rashad Robinson issued the following statement:

“The families of Tamir Rice, John Crawford and Tanisha Anderson have faced unconscionable tragedy. No person should have to experience the pain of losing a loved one to discriminatory police violence, let alone having to fight for justice. It’s unacceptable that the Department of Justice and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tom McGinty haven’t indicted these officers and we urge them to do so immediately.
The billboards around the convention center honor Tamir, Tanisha and John, while holding candidates accountable for prioritizing systemic reforms to policing and mass incarceration. It’s likely that no candidate will raise the fact that police kill Black Americans at nearly the same rate as Jim Crow era lynchings and more than 175 Black people have been killed by police this year alone. But we cannot afford to allow this political apathy and dangerous silence to continue. It’s time to hold their feet to the fire.”

With more than one million members nationwide, is the nation’s largest online civil rights organization.


One World-Press Release-Organizers will conduct a seniors forum to protest the Illinois Governor’s proposed budget cuts

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*******For Immediate Release*******

 Subject:              Organizers will conduct a Friday afternoon forum for Seniors mostly to protest the Governor’s proposed budget cuts
 Event Name:      (Through the eyes if a senior have you forgotten about us.)
Contact:                     Gregg L Greer
What:                          Forum for Seniors
When:                         Friday July, 10 2015 from 12:00 Noon
Where:                        New Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church 8130 Racine Ave Chicago, IL 60620
Specifics for
Media:                        200 seniors are expected on location/ Many Seniors are confused about Governor Rauner’s budget cuts.

Chicago, IL -{07/9/2015}- Organizers will conduct a Friday afternoon forum for Seniors mostly to protest the governor’s proposed budget, which includes deep cuts for social service agencies. The panel will consist of community leadership, and Faith leadership. This Senior Coalition want to be a resource to provide different situations related to seniors in the Chicago land area. Also included with the days dialog are specialist in the health concerns of aging.

Illinois is only as strong as its families and communities are more than line items in a spread sheet; they are schools and small businesses, students and senior citizens. Many of the guest (panelist) feel that the Governor’s policies will almost zero families and communities out -they are the glue that hold this state together.  Seniors’ issues usually means Medicare and Social Security and how much to spend on them. That needs to change, The pressure of demographics will turn plenty of more mundane things into serious seniors’ issues. They would need better coordination and development of services designed to improve the quality of life of older adults residing in Cook County.

Again, “Our effort is to help communities understand that it in our belief Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner should try to solve the state’s problems by working to find common ground with the communities, or should he take a less confrontational approach with the civic organizations, unions,  and Democrats in trying to solve this state’s many problems,” said Gregg L Greer Organizer



To learn more about this event, please contact

or 321 355-0598

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Gregg L. Greer, President
Freedom First International (USA)
Editor: One World Journal –
(321) 355-0598 (Mobile) / (888) 425-5558 (Corporate)

   “Everything We Do in Life, Echoes in Eternity” 

Press Conference-Civil Rights Leaders in Phoenix

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******* For Immediate Release*******
Freedom First (SCLC) will conduct the conference tonight.
Freedom First (SCLC) will conduct the conference tonight.
Phoenix, Arizona, On 12-9-2014-A Press Conference will be held inside of The Puente Human Rights Campus to promote the campaign for organizing many Phoenix area civil rights groups, around the Ferguson issue, also to layout a plan for the War on Police Brutality Coalitions-National Roll Out lead by the   Christian Leadership Conference. During the conference the plan is to address-The Phoenix Area issues such as (crime, and immigration reform), as well as the coalition building strategy. The coalition has requested other available area members to join in solidarity by attending the press conference and showing their support for the initiatives.
**Update Greer will address the crowd at a protest rally for Rumain Brisbon on 14th and Adams at 7:30pm. Also Greer with be joined by Civil Rights Leader (Lawyer) Malik Shabazz, and Also Shanesha Taylor**

*The press conference will be held at 1:00 p.m. promptly inside of the Puente Human Rights Campus at 1937 W. Adams St. Phoenix, AZ 85009*


Reverend Gregg L Greer will conduct the conference. Greer is a prominent member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (The Organization started by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and Greer will work as the Chicago Office Director. Also Gregg L Greer will lead a National Civil Rights Coalition of Civil Rights members from several cities including Phoenix.  Also included in the effort are The National Bar Association members (300 Black Lawyers and Judges), and  they are joined by Dr. Cornel West.

Greer will discuss Shanesha Taylor who will be present.
Greer will discuss Shanesha Taylor who will be present.

Also a priority on agenda is Rev. Greer’s  effort to lead the Advocacy for Shanesha Talyor in the continued story about a single mom being prosecuted by Arizona for leaving her kids in a car. Greer recently decided to defend Ms. Taylor- Greer is open to discuss that case and how it is unfair and government overreach. Ms. Taylor will be present.  References Attached

Additional References:

          RE: National Bar Association Effort
        RE: Reverend Gregg L Greer
Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!


To learn more about this event, please contact or 321 355-0598