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Will history be kind to Barack Obama’s Legacy as a Black President, many say no!

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History was changed-on election night November 4th, 2008, when a more youthful Barack Obama walked out to as the newly elected American President with his wife and young daughters by his side, every step thereafter seemed by many to represent a great leap of racial progress by citizens of the United States. I  agree with British historian Arnold Toynbee-who warned historians against trying to understand the present—let alone imagining what historians would say about current events in the future.


There are those who say, President Obama did not do enough to elevate or even fight for the rights of African-American people, they would suggest the antagonism of Obama’s own blackness was not provoked; still others, may suggest- the way in which his racial self-consciousness constrained him, not as to openly advocate in an effort to avoid showing any resemblance of outright favoritism toward his own race. In an article for when 53 Historians weighted in on the Presidency of Barack Obama (link Below) it was suggested that we will care a great deal less about his race generations from now — just as John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism hardly matters to current students of history.
If the “Legacy,” of Barack as President is to be challenged, then should we consider questions about Barack Obama’s sojourn in Kenya, the land of his father. In Kenya, where President Obama is saluted as an absolute “Hero,”-coming after un-numbered African generations suffer the agonies of enforced servitude and historical exile, a favored native son, blood of the land, who returns in triumph to claim the mantle of “world leader and heroic figure.” Without a doubt, White House spin doctors would love to have this story told. Yet notwithstanding the tired cynicism of the political age and the familiarity of Obama’s much-told personal journey, this remarkable reversal of fortunes, briefly glimpsed and savored, remains genuinely uplifting.(photoshoped Kenyan version of President Obama source unknown, below)
Barack with Braids (photoshoped) source unknown
Kenyan version of Barack with Braids (photoshoped) source unknown
In post 2012 America, So great has been the increase in political power that the black voter turnout rate surpassed that of whites with the 2012 presidential race, and the number of black elected officials has risen sevenfold. But while school segregation and workplace discrimination have declined, too many African-Americans go home to segregated, often impoverished neighborhoods. How much can we attribute the overwhelming number of political seats as to being inspired  by this President.
According to recent polls-The black poverty rate has dropped from more than 40% in the 1960s to about 27% today; child poverty similarly has dipped from 67% to about 40%. Those numbers still are glaring, however. And the gap in overall wealth is more than 5-to-1 between whites and blacks: The average white household had nearly $800,000 in assets in 2011, compared with $154,000 for blacks.
Many feel that President Obama, could have been significantly instrumental in making progress on civil rights an area which has surprisingly has been much slower. Yes, it is true that today-America has many post civil rights issues to openly deal, examples being the flurry of Police Brutality issues: Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Andrew Joseph, Freddie Gray, Mike Brown and the list goes on. We may never understand the dynamics that have been at the heart of America’s seemingly non-existent policies with Civil Rights, and why Present Obama did not do more?
In closing if history is to be kind  President Obama, we must consider the fact that a person of color who became the President of the United States of America has inspired many, many children and others around the world who never really believed that  they could achieve this feat, and they are now saying, “one day I’ll be President of the United States of America.” that alone has challenged the hearts of the detractors who say, “President Obama did not do enough for African-Americans.” In addition we must agree with another great President-John F. Kennedy who knew the challenge wasn’t just passing laws, but changing hearts and minds. “Law alone cannot make men see right,” he said. “We are confronted primarily with a moral issue.” We have to inspire people so change is in their hearts (a hard pressed task), I believe President Obama has accomplished this task-so in this respect-History will show President Barack Obama favor.
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Killing of John Crawford III is one of the historic miscarriages of justice that exist in America todate!

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August 5, 2015 will be the one year anniversary of -The Shooting of John Crawford III. which is one of the historic miscarriages of justice that exist in America to date and according to witnesses, and there is no conceivable reason that the officers should have not been indicted.
 On August 5 2014, police shot and killed John Crawford III (July 29, 1992 – August 5, 2014) at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio, near Dayton, Ohio, after receiving a 911 call that falsely indicated he was waving a real firearm at people. It turned out Crawford was carrying a toy gun (from inside the store’s sporting goods section) ,which looked like an assault rifle.  Crawford at 22-years-old was shot to death by Beavercreek police officer Sean Williams.
Offier Sean Williams shot John Crawford due to false 911 call
Officer Sean Williams shot John Crawford due to false 911 call
The shooting was captured by the store’s security video camera. Video showed Crawford talking on his cell-phone while holding the BB/pellet air rifle, when he was killed. According to Crawford’s mother, and others who witnessed to the footage the video shows the officers fired immediately without giving any verbal commands and without giving Crawford any time to drop the toy even if he had heard them. The Lying 911 caller Ritchie was questioned, but in a very uncritical, non-aggressive manner. Ronald Tyler Ritchie’s (pictured, below) false information, given during that emergency call – by most estimations – led to the death of not only John Crawford, but also another shopper who died of a heart attack.  After Officer Sean Williams opened fire in the store. 37-year-old  Angela Williams was a homicide. Angela Williams, no relation to Officer Williams, death is officially listed as homicide due to the  circumstances inside of the Beavercreek Walmart on August 5th.According William Harden, the Greene County Coroner’s Office chief investigator: “If she had been walking around normally and just collapsed, that would be a natural death.”
Ritchie acknowledged to the detective that nothing he said on the phone was true.
911 caller Ronald Ritchie acknowledged to the detective that nothing he said on the phone was true.  (Ritchie Actual Interview Footage)


One World Media (TM) We should note both officers statements were inconsistent. 

Walmart surveillance footage was later released to the public, but not before a grand jury decided not to indict Williams on criminal charges. The video showed that Crawford – who was still on his phone – was shot from the side while apparently moving to run away from the advancing armed officers.  Footage synced by the FBI with a recording of the 911 call indicated that Williams shot Crawford about one second after he and Darkow rounded a corner into the pet products aisle, where Crawford had been standing for five minutes.

Williams shot Crawford about one second after he and Darkow rounded a corner into the pet products aisle, where Crawford had been standing for five minutes.
Williams shot Crawford about one second after he and Darkow rounded a corner into the pet products aisle, where Crawford had been standing for five minutes.
Police then interrogated Crawford’s girlfriend for more than 90 minutes before telling her Crawford was dead, the Guardian’s Jon Swaine reported: (pictured, below)

Tasha Thomas was reduced to swearing on the lives of her relatives that John Crawford III had not been carrying a firearm when they entered the Walmart in Beavercreek, near Dayton, to buy crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars on the evening of 5 August.

Tasha Thomas was reduced to swearing on the lives of her relatives that John Crawford III had not been carrying a firearm

“You lie to me and you might be on your way to jail,” detective Rodney Curd told Thomas, as she wept and repeatedly offered to take a lie-detector test. After more than an hour and a half of questioning and statement-taking, Curd finally told Thomas that Crawford, 22, had died.


One World Media (TM) Officers Cleared of criminal charges!

On Sept. 25, 2014 Officer Williams was cleared of criminal charges by a Greene County special grand jury of five men and four women. Neither Darkow nor the 911 caller were considered for charges. Answering one paragraph, Beavercreek attorneys wrote, defendants “have no knowledge of whether all police officers are trained to understand that many 911 callers provide inaccurate or otherwise unsubstantiated information, and are notoriously unreliable eye-witnesses.”

The special grand jury heard from 18 witnesses and then voted against potential charges of murder, reckless homicide and negligent homicide against Williams. At least seven “yes” votes were needed for a charge to be approved. Grand jury votes are not made public.

Following the shooting a grand jury decided not to indict any of the officers involved. The Justice Department is conducting its own investigation. Meanwhile, the officer who shot Crawford remains on desk duty.

Crawford’s mother believes that the surveillance tape shows the police lied in their account of events, and has spoken out against the killing at a “Justice for All” march. The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Walmart and the Beavercreek police department.

One World Media (TM) Other Factors worth noting

  • Even among die-hard police supporters and apologists, few believed that John Crawford was to blame for being shot. Most pointed the finger at 911-caller Ronald Ritchie, but it was clear that in an open carry state, and in a store that sells both guns and BB-guns, there is nothing illegal, nor even particularly out of the ordinary about handling a replica firearm, taken from the very shelves of the store.
  • Ohio State Representative Alicia Reece has proposed a “John Crawford’s Law”, which would change the way toy guns look to prevent similar tragedies.
  • The family is seeking more than $75,000 in damages, citing the children Crawford left behind. Wal-Mart, the city of Beavercreek and Beavercreek Police Chief Dennis Evers are named in the lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. The lawsuit also names the officer who shot Crawford, Sean Williams, and his partner on the scene, David Darkow.


  • Tasha Thomas, who in a harsh interrogation was falsely accused of helping Crawford smuggle the gun into the store that  August, was killed in a bizarre high-speed car crash in Dayton on New Year’s Day, local media reported. (pictured left)
  • To date lead activist organizations and at least one big-name civil rights heavyweight has said many nice words to support John Crawford Jr, and his family on the ground fighting against Walmart and the Beavercreek Police Department to “Release the Tape,” but none  hardly ever once mobilized on the ground or the ground effort was lacking with the exception of a group of dedicated loyalist.  In the meantime Walmart alines with many of the big name activist pockets financially!  


One World Media (TM) August 5, 2015 will be John Crawford’s National Day


To date the Family and advocacy are awaiting charges. Currently-The Justice Department has will launched an investigation into the shooting death of Crawford inside the Ohio Wal-Mart, just hours after a local grand jury voted not to indict the police officer who shot him.

On August 5, 2015 in Beavercreek, Ohio activist will be present at the Walmart location where John was killed by Officer Williams. On that date there will be multiple participating cities nationwide! Use this Link for more information

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Why the State of Ohio cannot say it has not played a part in the Murder of Tamir Rice, John Crawford and others. Part 1

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One World By Gregg L Greer, Editor for One World
This week would have been the 13th Birthday of Tamir Rice. As a public awareness, we as the editorial ( felt it necessary to discuss (in a series), Why the state of Ohio cannot say it has not played a part in the Murder of Tamir Rice, John  Crawford and others. In this series we want help communities understand the complexities of these two high-profile cases and then we hope to bring Change-Stand with Us! As we release an article every week.
Ohio Governor  John Kasich
Ohio Governor John Kasich
Last Fall when the 69th Governor of Ohio, Republican John Kasich who had been in office since 2011, announced a new police standards board to address the use of deadly force by officers, most believe that it was sparked in part by the death of Tamir Rice. At the time Governor Kasich, said “more action needs to be taken to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.”  According to reports, Kasich then spoke of bridging the “gap” between law enforcement and the black community with this new board. The board aimed to lay out clear and unambiguous guidelines for when it’s acceptable for officers to use deadly force against suspects.
But within the 2 seconds after Tamir Rice was killed he (Tamir) then became another “Public Police Killing in Ohio. Afterward many locals believed that Governor John Kasich, then used the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) as a proxy cover-up to give the appearance of outward action. Instead, The BCI acted negatively by blocking outside investigations and stonewalling the press. Judging from the research conducted by surveys of many locals-it was concluded that BCI was largely ineffective, and nothing notable has ever came out of the BCI Board except more public distrust.
Crawford was a 22-year-old African-American man shot to death by Beavercreek police officer Sean Williams, while holding a toy BB gun.
Crawford was a 22-year-old African-American man shot to death by Beavercreek police officer Sean Williams, while holding a toy BB gun.

Many Ohio locals believe blame should be directed at the BCI because in their words BCI is also largely responsible for the Whitewashing of the murder of John Crawford in a Walmart store in Beavercreek Ohio. In this situation Police were determined to kill a guy with a gun. Crawford was a 22-year-old African-American man shot to death by Beavercreek police officer Sean Williams, while holding a toy BB gun.  Police did not respond to an active shooter situation in either case and in both cases they killed young black men. On the positive side-As the public becomes more aware of both cases we are seeing support from notable people, one example “My wearing of the T-shirt was a stance against wrong individuals doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason to innocent people,” said Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins (picture below).

"My wearing of the T-shirt was a stance against wrong individuals doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason to innocent people," said Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins
My wearing of the T-shirt was a stance against wrong individuals doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason to innocent people,” said Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins


In short, Governor Kasich’s action or lack thereof has made balancing the scales to bring justice to booth cases act even more difficult. He apparently has his own very strongly held, views on just how this thing ought to be handled. The Governor’s position as the lead executive of Ohio can be a resource and real instrument for change, if he truly wanted.

If there was a way of communicating with Governor Kasich- one position that he could take that would be sensible is to make Public statements that support reform- this alone would make a difference. There’s no reason why—that I can see—why, circumstances, terms and conditions that any of these simple suggestions couldn’t be worked out.

Governor Kasich needs to be held accountable for his weak Civil Rights Policy

Governor Kasich has also is launching what many feel will most likely be an unsuccessful bid for the US presidency on platforms that opposed the expansion of federal power and appeal to white populist sentiments. During each election cycle, he modified his racial views to suit the times. Despite his support for road construction, education, and industrial development,  Kasich is known for his soft resistance to civil rights, limited economic vision, failure to reform the tax code, and total focus on campaigning, at the expense of running the state. Contact Governor Kasich to tell him-Stand Up for Justice!

Contact Information Governor John Kasich Riffe Center, 30th Floor 77 South High Street Columbus, OH 43215-6117 Phone: (614) 466-3555 Lt.

Governor Mary Taylor Riffe Center, 30th Floor 77 South High Street Columbus, OH 43215-6117

See more at:

One other suggestion is that all investigations of local police homicides should be surrendered to an outside independent agency with Federal Government Influence, once done we could see far fewer “justified” tragedies. In any case – We need the Ohio Governor’s Office to propose true legislation itself will protect its citizens and not enable anyone to discriminate against anyone else, with no fear of government intervention or punishment. We need to send a clear message that “no one is above the law.” Simple communication from inside the community may greatly help attention to booth cases.  

Disclaimer: Poster made by an unknown Person

What You Can Do!

Facebook Page and support information for Tamir Rice.


Facebook Page and Petition for John  Crawford.

Press Release: Homan Square and Chicago Violence Conference

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*******For Immediate Release*******

Chicago, Illinois On 3-04-2015 at 9:30 a.m, A Press Conference will be held on the 2nd Floor at Chicago City Hall to discuss Homan Square and the ongoing Chicago Violence. Organizers and Leadership want to send the city a clear message and ask for accountability. The issue according to organizers is mostly centered around the recent Homan Square Facility inquiry followed by the growing sentiment around Greater Chicago that the most marginalized members of our communities are tired of schools being shuttered, clinics being closed, and police violence going unchecked.
The organizers will dispute-The Chicago Police Department released fact sheet from this past Sunday disputing claims they operate a secretive facility inside Homan Square on Chicago’s West Side where criminal suspects are denied basic rights.
Protest at Homan Square police facility in Chicago
As far as The facility that has been at the center of a Guardian investigation that revealed several allegations of unconstitutional abuse and leading to it being termed a “black site” by protestors

Organizers believe that the mayor’s office is critical to answer for this indifference. The cycle of brutality must be broken. This is how real change begins, with truth and accountability.

The organizers will also layout the coalition efforts to move forward, as they gauge support from multiple organizations and national Civil Rights leadership from around the country.

Expected to participate at this conference will be

Gregg L Greer-Freedom First International-SCLC Chicago

Andy Thayer-Gay Liberation Network (Founder)

Tio Hardiman- Violence Interrupters Inc (CEO)

Billy Joe Mills-Attorney Firm Equity Inc

Mark Clements (Statement)

Anonymous Chicago



Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Chuy Garcia

The conference will be held promptly at 9:30 a.m. promptly at City Hall


To learn more about this event, please contact

or 321 355-0598

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Today We Celebrate A Great American. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Wisdom For Life

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the SCLC First President
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King understood that our greatest strength to establishing powerful relationships is to be honest about our greatest weaknesses. We have all been socially conditioned to worry about what others will think and it’s only when we share our failures, our sincere thoughts, and what we don’t know with them is when we grow as a human being.


When we connect deeply with people who have struggled, we bridge our world. The truth is that these moments of vulnerability are the very moments that we grow. When we connect deeply with people who have struggled, who are insecure about something, or who have failed because we’ve all been there. Dr. King understood while we all struggle, that it’s not only okay to be vulnerable, it’s crucial.


Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We celebrate You!

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Press Release: Know Your Rights and Police Brutality Forum come to Chicago on King Birthday

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*******For Immediate Release*******

Chicago, Illinois On 1-17-2015-A One Day Know Your Rights Forum will be held at Governors State University in the Engbretson Hall. On the top of the order of program the expert panel will discuss the “Know Your Rights” and the effects of Police Brutality which is intended to examine this historically and seemingly unsolvable issue, by giving students and attendees a complete understanding of their rights in the legal system, when dealing with the police or the courts. Also on the agenda for discussion will be the effort for organizing civil rights advocates, around the issues  of Chicago, Ferguson, New York and growing community violence. The Coalition’s effort has been joined by Dr. Cornel West who will participate in select cities around the country.
During the conference the group will layout their plan for Solutions to Police Brutality. This years event closely marks the actual Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The event will be hosted by The Criminal Justice Student Society at Governors State University.
National Bar Association President Attorney Pamela Meanes will give her perspectives on the law, the courts and the relationship between the African-American community, as well as how African-Americans can protect themselves by knowing the law and their Constitutional rights. 
Pamela is the recipient of numerous awards including the Award of Merit from the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis; the Saint Louis University Black Law Student Association’s 2008 Outstanding Attorney Award; the Washington University of St. Louis Black Law Student Association 2008 Outstanding Achievement in Public Service Award.
Tio H
Tio Hardiman, Former Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate. Executive Director for CeaseFire Violence Interrupters, INC, has dedicated his life and career to community organizing for peace and social change. In 1999, Mr. Hardiman joined CeaseFire, an award-winning public health model that has been scientifically proven to reduce shootings and killings.Tio also created the Violence Interrupters in 2004.In 2008, under Tio’s direction, CeaseFire received additional funding from the State of Illinois to immediately expand from 5 to 15 communities and from 20 to 130 Outreach Workers and Violence Interrupters. Tio regularly gives perspectives to Huffington Post and CNN as a contributor. 
Reverend Gregg L Greer is a prominent member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (The Organization started by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and Greer works as the Chicago SCLC Office Vice President in addition to his Freedom First Organization. Gregg L Greer leads a National Civil Rights Coalition of Civil Rights members from several areas including Florida, California, Arizona and New York. 
Lastly While advocating on a national level Greer was an instrumental team member in overturning the execution of the Youngest Person Executed in US History-George Stinney Jr. Which resulted in an exoneration.
 For more Information on Greer use
Mark Clements
Mark Clements

Human Rights Advocate Mark Clements was 16-years-old when he was tortured into confessing to crimes he did not commit by police officers under the command of Jon Burge. He spent 27 years in prison for arson and murder–and was released after the true circumstances surrounding his “confession” came to light.

Clements was instrumental, in the prosecution of John Burge who reportedly tortured more than 200 criminal suspects between 1972 and 1991 in order to force confessions  after a jury found former Chicago police lieutenant Burge guilty of federal perjury and obstruction of justice charges for lying about torture. Today Mark is an instrumental leader with the Campaign to End the Death and has advocated on cases across America.

For Details on Mark

Also present will be Cynthia Lane the Chicago West Side  Mother who is protesting the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Roshad McIntosh in the Lawndale neighborhood this Past Fall. The shooting of McIntosh bares a close resemblance to the Mike Brown Ferguson case and has raised serious concerns in a city where police shootings take place with regularity and often prompt hard questions about whether they were justified.
For Details on the McIntosh Shooting Incident
*The conference will be held at 11:00 a.m. promptly inside of the Engbretson Hall at 1 University Parkway University Park, Il 60484*


To learn more about this event, please contact

or 321 355-0598

 Additional References: ​


In the New Year 2015-We Pray for All who have Marched, Stood, and Stand ” for Justice and World Peace!

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Dr King

“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

  • We all must speak for those who are not strong enough to negotiate peace and urge them to work a little bit harder.
  • We must not stop or listen to the reports of loss and destruction without feeling that we all have a responsibility to do something. Then we must respond to the call for much needed Change!


 In 2015 Please continue to work toward truth and Justice. A Change is gonna come!
Join us!